Mark Clague

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:10 a.m.-10:30
Screenings Thursdays

  NEW LOCATION Tues./Thurs. class to meet in 201 Stearns Building on N.Campus; Please visit maps page for more information  
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This course will explore the emotional, technical, and cultural aspects of music in film. In addition to the Tuesday / Thursday classes, a Thursday evening screening (7-10 P.M.) will be offered. Topics covered will include the rhetoric of film music, film music techniques (synchronization, orchestration, etc.), and the analysis of select influential soundtracks, such as A Clockwork Orange, King Kong (Steiner), Vertigo (Herrmann), High Noon (Tiomkin), Fantasia, To Kill A Mockingbird (E. Bernstein), Patton (Goldsmith), 2001 (North) Koyaanisqatsi (Glass), Jaws (Williams), The Red Violin (Corigliano), Blade Runner (Vangelis), The Color Purple (Jones), and Illuminata (Bolcom). Although not required, previous experience in music history would be helpful to students in this course. Materials will include a textbook, interviews with film composers, and a coursepack. Students will be expected to keep up with readings, participate in discussion (online and in-class), take regular quizzes, and complete a rich analytical graph of a music cue from a film of their choice. Students who are filmmakers or musicians will have the option of collaborating to produce music for an original production project.


Course Materials:
Required Texts: are currently available at Shaman Drum Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor (313 S. State, 2nd Fl. / 6627407). Please inform instructor if you have problems purchasing them.

  • George Burt, "The Art of Film Music," ca. $20
  • Michel Chion, "Audio-Vision," ca. $20
  • Aaron Copland, "What to Listen For in Music," ca. $6
  • Russell Lack, "Twenty Four Frames Under," ca. $16
  • Selected readings available through CourseTools site



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