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Christopher M. Kreucher, Ph.D.

KBR Technical Fellow
ckreuche at umich.edu

My current research areas include multisensor fusion, nonlinear filtering, information theory, multitarget tracking, and sensor management.
I have a particular interest in applying these approaches to data, including multistatic radar, passive acoustics, and EO.

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A Brief Biosketch
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Selected Highlights of my Recent Research:
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Past and current collaborators in this work include Prof. Al Hero (The University of Michigan), Dr. Kristine Bell & Dr. Ben Shapo (Metron, Incorporated), Dr. Matthew Masarik & Dr. John Valenzuela (Centauri), Dr. Joe Burns & Dr. Mark Stuff, (Michigan Tech Research Institute), Dr. Roy Bethel (MITRE), Dr. Keith Kastella (SRI International), Prof. Edwin Chong (Colorado State University) and Dr. Mark Morelande (The University of Melbourne).

From September 1998 until August 2002, I was an adjunct lecturer in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Michigan - Dearborn, where I taught ECE 210, ECE 273, ECE 365, ECE 460, and ECE 500 at one time or another. Students are directed to these links which contain solutions to old quizzes, exams, homeworks, and lab assignments.
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