Chronis Lab

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Welcome to the Chronis Group

We are developing Micro-Electroctro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to address fundamental questions in neuroscience and clinical needs in the medical field.

Bio-MEMS/NEMS in NeuroScience 

How do neural circuits generate behavior? How the functionality of neural circuits is alterted with age? We combine micro/nano fabrciation technology with bio-imaging approaches to study the nervous system of the nematode C.elegans in vivo.

Bio-MENS in Medicine.

We are interested in engineering point-of-care diagnostic biochips as well as in implantable medical devices. By integrating microfluidic and microoptical components, we are developing innovative tools for monitoring infectious diseases in the developing world as well as novel biosensing approaches for monitoring traumamtic brain injuries and diseases related to high intraocular pressure.

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