Chinese for the Professions

Course Description

Chinese 416, Chinese for the Professions. Chinese 406 equivalent or permission of instructor. (3). (Excl). (If you did not complete at least 6 years of regular schooling in the Chinese language in a Chinese-speaking community (such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) and have not taken Chinese 406 at The University of Michigan, you must take a Placement Test to certify your proficiency.

Chinese for the Profession (i.e., Business Chinese) focuses on practical language skills such as business negotiation in international trade, business letter writing, business documents comprehension/translation, business oral presentation, commercial language design and word processing. Students will enhance their cultural awareness and acquire vocabulary, phrases and sentence patterns commonly used in typical Chinese business contexts. Quizzes, dialogue performances, homework assignments, oral presentations and exams are required. Classes are conducted in Chinese. Please be advised that this could be a very BUSY course particularly if you do not yet have a desirable language foundation.

Winter 2000 Syllabus

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