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Office: 435C, HSPH Bldg 2
Mailing address:
Bldg 2-451 Biostatistics,
655 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115, US

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Graduate Course Experience

Course Title
BIOSTAT 601 Probability and Distribution Theory Zhaohui Steve Qin
BIOSTAT 602 Biostatistical Inference Min Zhang
BIOSTAT 665 Statistical Population Genetics Noah A Rosenberg
Sebastian Zöllner
BIOSTAT 666 Statistical Models and Numerical
Methods in Human Genetics
Gonçalo Abecasis
BIOSTAT 682 Applied Bayesian Inference Timothy D Johnson
BIOSTAT 880 Statistical Analysis with Missing Data Roderick JA Little
STATS 503 Applied Multivariate Analysis George Michailidis
STATS 526 Discrete Stochastic Process Virginia R Young
STATS 600 Linear Models Kerby Shedden
BIOINF 523 Bioinformatics Basic Biology Lab
BIOINF 527 Introduction to Bioinformatics
BIOINF 545 Data Analysis in Molecular Biology Zhaohui Steve Qin
CDB 530 Cell Biology
EECS 545* Machine Learning Clayton Scott
* Audit