African American History (B-hour)
Renaissance High School
Mrs. Crockett (Cooperating Teacher)
Mr. Gober (Student Teacher)

Unit 2

"Africans in the Americas"

Purpose: For students to understand how the Atlantic slave trade and the institution of slavery based on race played important parts in the development of European colonies in the Americas.

Objectives: That students will have sufficient knowledge of the Atlantic slave trade and how slavery, specifically the slave trade, shaped the development of the West Indies and the thirteen American colonies.

Chapter 4


Purpose: For students to be exposed to primary sources about life on slave ships.

Objective: Students will have a great understanding of life aboard slave ships, and will be able to write a short one page paper about it.

Assign three students to research and give presentations on Cinque, Bartolome de Las Casas, and Ayuba Sulieman Diallo.

Lecture: Describe the triangular trade: Europe sent guns to Africa, Africa sent slaves to America, America sent sugar and spices to Europe. First Europeans to sell Africans as slaves was Portugal in 1444 when they landed in West Africa and conquered some villages taking approxiamately 200 Africans to Europe to be sold at a public auction. Africans had slave raiders who rounded up thousands of captives for sale to the Portuguese. Baracoons were set up on the West Coast as a holding area for slaves. This is after white colonist in the Americas tried Native Americans and white immigrants and prisoners of Europe as indentured servants.

Life on the slave ships was disgusting, dehumanizing and deplorable to say the least. Slaves were literally stacked upon each other and lived in their own bodily waste and among others who may have died. Ship captains justified such treatment by calculating the profits they had from the ones who survived the journey were fattened up the last week or so and were greased up and placed in holding prisons where they would get ready for the auction block.

Homework: Read pages 33-37.


Purpose: For students to work collaboratively to examine primary sources.

Objective: Students will be able to identify primary from secondary sources and will enhance their research skills be researching the internet and library for sources.

Students will be placed into four different groups. Group one will receive information from primary and secondary sources about Sanitation, Disease, and Death aboard the ships. Group Two will receive information about Food and Provisions aboard the ships. Group Three will receive information about Women aboard the ships. And, Group Four will receive information about Resistance and Revolts aboard the ships. Each group after reading and researching primary and secondary sources about these subjects will present to the class using some type of original artistic illustration, some type of skit or oratory performance, and a 1 1/2 page paper summarizing the information found in your group. This assignment is worth 90% of your chapter four test grade.


Olaudah Equiano's Narrative