Christopher G Myers

I am currently completing my PhD in Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where I study how individuals and teams can more effectively learn, develop and perform in knowledge-rich work contexts. Feel free to click the links above to learn more about my work, or to download my complete CV.

My research and teaching interests lie in the area of management and organizational behavior, examining how individuals, dyads and groups learn, develop and perform in modern organizations. 

Recent Updates

I firmly believe that a commitment to learning lies at the core of effective leadership and performance in the dynamic landscape of modern organizations, and through my work I explore the ways people can better learn from their own (and others’) experiences to succeed in today’s knowledge-intensive work environment. I am especially interested in understanding how these learning processes impact healthcare organizations, with a focus on medical transport teams (such as pre-hospital, ambulance and air-medical teams).

I have been honored to have my work published in the Journal of Applied PsychologyIndustrial & Organizational Psychology, the Oxford Handbook of Leadership & Organizations, and the Academy of Management Proceedings.  My research has also been recognized with various awards, including the Academy of Management (OB Division) Making Connections Award, and has been covered by the popular media, including The Boston Globe, Business Insider, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and The Huffington Post.

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