Send Peace
Peace Quilt by Jan McKenna

Send Peace

I had an idea the other morning, driving into work, kinda similar to lighting candles at a certain time, but different..

So many people are feeling angry at what has been happening in the world. My girlfriend Denise Oates was telling me she helped bring peace into herself by lighting candles and sitting in silence. Then she focused on her breathing, and with each breath in, she thought:

Bring Peace into me,
and because I am one with the Universe,
I also send Peace out to others.

then she would breathe out...

She was imagining peace coming down to her as red hearts, and they were piling up around her knees.. she would bend down in her mind's eye and scoop some up, throwing them up into the air.

So I thought, what if we each do this each day, at 8pm, local time?   Then it'd be done every hour of the day, all day long, going in neverending waves around the globe.

It's worth a try, and it can't hurt. Who knows, it might do some good. :-)

Peace quilt created by Jan McKenna, based on what Denise was imagining. The rainbow represents Hope. The quilt was scanned by Don Smith, and then emailed to me.


Grapevine image

Here's a quote that seems to have relevance. The speaker has lost several friends to a grenade -- she has witnessed them perish at the hands of someone from another country:

"Our enemies are not humans. Our enemies are hatred, jealousy, cruelties, misperceptions. Our enemies are ignorance, our enemies are hatred, our enemies are fame, jealousy, misunderstanding. But our enemies are not humans. If we kill other humans, with whom shall we live?" Sister Chan Khong, a Buddist nun, as written up in the book, The Bond Between Women: A Journey to Fierce Compassion, written by China Galland, page 277.

Love and peace,
Chris Gaunt