Descendants of Samuel Packwood, b. abt 1745, VA

Descendants of Samuel Packwood, b. abt 1745, VA

The following is from my database in 1996. Much of it came from Retta CHAMBERS HULTGREN, in a 1950 letter to my great uncle John W. Packwood. I have not yet documented much of Retta's work, nor have I found where her work went when she died. She lived in Washington State; possibly she willed it to one of the genealogical societies there....

More information on the data itself might be found in the Burnett/Turner/Via/Ross/Etc message archives.

To protect privacy, I have omitted the sixth, seventh and eighth generations, as I do not know who is living and who is not.

Chris Gaunt

1. Samuel Packwood b. abt 1745, VA, m. Elizabeth TURNER, d. by Nov 1825, VA?.
 Samuel died 1825, Patrick Co, VA.
2.      i       William b. 1770?.
        ii      Richard Packwood b. 1771, VA, m. Nancy SPAULDIN.
3.      iii     Larkin b. 1772?.
4.      iv      Elisha b. 1773?.
5.      v       Samuel b. 1775?.
        vi      Exonia Packwood b. VA, m. 25 Feb 1802, in Patrick Co, VA, 
                        Valentine GEARHART.
        vii     Rachel Packwood b. 1780, VA, m. John SMITH.  Rachel died
            1855, KY?.
        viii    Nancy Packwood b. Patrick Co, VA, m. 30 Nov 1826, in Patrick
            Co, VA, Benjamin DAVIS.
        ix      Polly Packwood b. 1783, VA, m. 6 Dec 1800, in Patrick Co,
            VA, Edmund BARTLETT.  Polly died KY?.
        x       Edith Packwood b. Patrick Co, VA, m. 11 Feb 1813, in Patrick
            Co, VA, John McCUTCHEON.
        xi      Elizabeth Packwood b. Patrick Co, VA, m. 04 Dec 1820, in
            Patrick Co, VA, Abraham PRILLAMAN.

Second Generation        

2. William Packwood b. 1770?, VA, m. 01 Mar 1802, in Franklin Co, VA, 
Elenor ANDERSON.  William died 1852, Salem, Washington Co, IN.
        i       Jane Packwood b. 1802, m. Isaac DAVIS.  Jane died 1893.
6.      ii      John b. 1804.
7.      iii     Samuel b. 1806.

3. Larkin Packwood b. 1772?, VA, m. ? HENDERSON.  Larkin died 1862?.
        i       Larkin Canada Packwood b. 1814, TN? IL?.
        ii      Samuel Packwood b. TN?, d. Whiting, IL?.
        iii     Parrington Packwood d. 1892.
        iv      James Packwood d. 1848.
        v       Angeline Packwood.
8.      vi      Henderson William b. Jun 1823 Tennessee.
        vii     daughter Packwood.
        viii    son unknown1 Packwood.
        ix      son unknown2 Packwood.
        x       son unknown3 Packwood.
        xi      son unknown4 Packwood.

4. Elisha Packwood b. 1773?, Patrick Co, VA, m. 25 Jan 1798, in Patrick
Co, VA, Mary (Patsy/Polly) BURNETT(e), b. abt   -___-1778, VA ?,
(daughter of John BURNETT(e) and Elizabeth TATE) d. by 1827, IN.  Elisha
died 1865?, CA.
        i       son? Packwood.
        ii      Richard? Packwood.
        iii     Robert Tait Packwood b. MO, d. MO.
        iv      Larkin Packwood b. 1802, VA, m. 1834, Esther Ann BERRY.
            Larkin died 1868.
9.      v       John Ira b. 22 Feb 1804.
        vi      Charles Packwood b. 1806, VA?, m. (1) Ms. LEE, m. (2)
            Elizabeth RAMSAY.  Charles died 1866.
        vii     Samuel Packwood b. 1808, VA?, m. Esther McKINLEY.  Samuel
            died TX?.
10.     viii    Elisha b. 1809.
        ix      Patsy Packwood m. Elisha McKINLEY.
        x       Judy Packwood m. Mr. MANN.
        xi      Orpha Packwood m. (1) First Mr. HAWKINS, m. (2) Second Mr.
            HAWKINS.  (brothers?)
        xii     Mary Packwood.
        xiii    Samantha Packwood.
        xiv     (girl) Packwood.
11.     xv      William b. 12 Feb 1813.

5. Samuel Packwood b. 1775?, VA, m. (1) 1800, in VA?, Judith SNEED, m.
(2) 1816?, in VA?, Isabell McKINLEY.  Samuel died 1848, KY? IN?.
                children by Judith Sneed:
12.     i       William b. 1801.
        ii      Joseph Packwood b. 1802?, VA.
        iii     Jincy Packwood b. 1803, VA, m. James McKINLEY.
        iv      Rachel Packwood b. 1804, VA, m. 29 Jan 1829, in Clark Co,
            IN, John GIPSON.
        v       Larkin Packwood b. 1806, VA, m. 08 Dec 1837, in Clark Co,
            IN, Nancy BROWN, b. 1819, IN, d. 1901, IA.  Larkin died
            1899, IA.
                children by Isabell McKINLEY:
13.     vi      Samuel b. 1818.
        vii     Jerry Packwood.
        viii    James Packwood b. 1820, m. Janetta BROWN.
        ix      Belinda Packwood b. IN?, m. Charles A. MAYBEE.
        x       John Packwood.
        xi      Jeremiah Packwood b. 1822, IN?, d. 1864, Des Moines, IA?.
        xii     Isabel Packwood.
        xiii    Elisha Packwood.

Third Generation        

6. John Packwood b. 1804, m. 20 Dec 1824, in Clark Co, IN, Catherine
MORRIS.  John died 1861.
        i       William A. Packwood b. 1825, d. 1853.
        ii      Elizabeth Packwood b. 1830, d. 1835.
        iii     Christopher Packwood b. 1835, d. 1852.
        iv      John Packwood b. 1837, probably IN, d. 1858.
        v       Samuel Packwood b. 1841, d. 1910.

7. Samuel Packwood b. 1806, m. 14 Jun 1832, in Clark Co, IN, Phoebe
HESTON.  Samuel died 1896.
        i       John Packwood b. 1834, m. 24 Feb 1857, in Clark Co, IN, 
            Ann Elizabeth PREWITT.  John died 1883.
14.     ii      Henry b. 1836.
        iii     Eleanor Packwood b. 1838, d. 1918.
        iv      Emily Packwood b. 1838, d. 1949.
        v       William Packwood b. 1841, d. 1862.
        vi      Samuel Packwood b. 1844, m. (1) ?, m. (2) Sarah
            DUDLEY.  Samuel died 192?.
15.     vii     Thomas b. 1846.
        viii    Jesse Packwood b. 1849?, m. Mary MARTIN.  Jesse died 1932.
        ix      Elizabeth Packwood b. 1851?, m. 31 Mar 1878, in Clark,
            Borden, IN, Gabriel McKINLEY.  Elizabeth died 1920.
        x       James Packwood b. 1858, d. 1930.

8. Henderson William Packwood b. Jun 1823 Tennessee, 
m. (1) Orpha PACKWOOD (screen shot from California Digital 
Newspapers), b. 1831, (daughter of John Ira Packwood and 
Abigail TINDER) d. 1863/65, m. (2) Mary Packwood, b. 1838, MO, (daughter of John Ira Packwood 
and Abigail Tinder) d. 1914, CA.  William died 1917?.
                children by Orpha Packwood:
        i       Lillian Somerset Packwood.
        ii      Virginia Catherine Packwood.
        iii     Larkin Packwood.
                children by Mary Packwood:
        iv      Esther Packwood.
        v       Benigna(?) Packwood.
        vi      John Packwood.
        vii     Henderson Packwood.
        viii    David Packwood.

9. John Ira Packwood b. 22 Feb 1804, VA, occup farmer, m. (1) 9 Feb
1832, in Jackson Co. IN, Abigail TINDER, b. 8 Nov 1819, KY, (daughter of
James TINDER and Tabitha READING) d. 5 Nov 1851, Salmon Falls, Eldorado,
CA, bur. cemetery is now under a man-made lake!, m. (2) Jane STAMPS, b.
abt 1824.  John died 18 Mar 1879, Barry Co, MO.
                children by Abigail Tinder:
16.     i       Margaret (Peggy) b. 1832.
17.     ii      Orpha b. 1831.
18.     iii     Melinda b. 1835.
        iv      Lucinda Packwood m. Frank PROCTOR.
19.     v       Mary b. 1838.
        vi      Isaac R. Packwood b. 11 Nov 1840, MO, d. 19 Aug 1883.
20.     vii     Samuel Tate b. 4 Jul 1842.
        viii    Ann Packwood b. 1843, MO, d. Newton Co. MO.
        ix      Elvira Packwood b. 3 Jan 1845, Ellensburg, Kittitas, WA, m.
            Andrew LEE.  Elvira died 27 Jun 1918, Twin Falls, Idaho.
21.     x       Elizabeth b. 5 Aug 1848.
                children by Jane Stamps:
22.     xi      John B b. abt 1855.
        xii     Napoleon B Packwood b. abt 1856, Exeter, Barry Co, MO, m.
            Sarah WEATHERLY.  Napoleon died 1920, Exeter, Barry Co, MO.
        xiii    George W Packwood b. abt 1859, MO, m. Sis McCARY.
23.     xiv     Melissa.
24.     xv      Jesse b. 1864.
25.     xvi     Addie.

10. Elisha Packwood b. 1809, VA, occup stock raiser,5 m. 12 Feb 1832,
in Jackson Co, IN,6 Paulina PROTHERO, b. 1816, KY, occup domestic, d.
1891, CA.  Elisha died 1876, WA.
26.     i       Samuel Tait b. 1832.
        ii      Amanda Packwood b. 1836, d. 1837.
        iii     John J. Packwood b. 1838, d. 1841.
27.     iv      Chiletha b. 1841.
        v       Elkamah Packwood b. 1843.
        vi      Johannah Packwood b. 1846, d. 1847.
28.     vii     Joseph C. b. 12 Nov 1847.
29.     viii    Humboldt b. 20 Aug 1850.
30.     ix      Augusta b. 1853.
        x       Gertrude Packwood.
        xi      Augustine Packwood b. abt 1857, CA.

11. William Packwood b. 12 Feb 1813, Patrick Co, VA, occupation: jack of all
trades!, m. 27 Mar 1834, in Jefferson Co, IN,7 Rhoda Bell PROTHERO, b.
20 May 1818, Shelby Co, KY, d. 9 Sep 1898, Mima, WA.  William died 13
Dec 1897, Mima Prairie, WA. 
        i       Samantha Packwood b. 1836, m. (1) 1854, Sam N. WOODSUFF, m.
            (2) Jacob CROLL.  Samantha died 1920.
31.     ii      Esther b. 4 Apr 1835.
        iii     Martha Packwood b. 1840, m. Joseph SHAW.  Martha died 1871.
        iv      John Packwood b. 1841, d. 1843.
        v       Noah Packwood b. 1843, MO, m. Mary MILLER.  Noah died 1917.
32.     vi      Amanda Jane b. 1846.
        vii     Rufus Packwood b. 1847, d. 1929.
        viii    baby b. 1850, d. 1850.
        ix      Joseph Packwood b. 1851, d. 1875.
        x       Mary Ann Packwood b. 1854, d. 1870.
        xi      Edith Packwood b. 1854, d. 1854.
33.     xii     William b. 1857.
        xiii    Elisha Packwood b. 1861, m. (1) Harriet WARDLE, m. (2) Ms.
            Holiday.  Elisha died 1925.
        xiv     Pauline Packwood b. 1861, m. Joseph McELFRESH.  Pauline died

12. William Packwood b. 1801, VA, m. 22 Jun 1826, in Clark Co, IN,10 
Jane SHOEMAKER.  William died 1872.
34.     i       Abbie.
35.     ii      Nancy.
36.     iii     Sally Ann.
        iv      Ibbie Packwood.
        v       girl Packwood.
        vi      ? Packwood.
37.     vii     Sam b. 1825.
        viii    John Packwood m. Annie ULRICH.
38.     ix      James.
        x       William Packwood b. 1844, m. Alice BAKER.  William died
            1938, bur. IA.

13. Samuel Packwood b. 1818, Clark Co, IN, occup farmer/ town founder,
m. 14 Feb 1844, in Bordon, Clark Co, IN (?), Melinda GOSS, b. 1827, d.
11 Mar 1890, Packwood, Jefferson, Iowa, bur. Packwood Cemetery,
Packwood, Iowa.  Samuel died 6 May 1902, Packwood, Jefferson, Iowa, bur.
Packwood Cemetery, Packwood, Iowa.
39.     i       Joseph Marion b. 1845.
        ii      Milton Lafayette Packwood b. 1849, Des Moines County, Iowa,
            d. 1901.
        iii     Mary Ellen Packwood b. 1852, Des Moines County, Iowa, d.
        iv      Flemian Newland Packwood b. 1855, d. 1869.
        v       Samuel David Packwood, MD b. 1862, Des Moines County, Iowa,
            occupation: doctor, d. 1935.
        vi      infant Packwood.
        vii     infant2 Packwood.

Fourth Generation        

14. Henry Packwood b. 1836, m. (1) 19 Apr 1859, in Clark Co, IN, Mary
Catherine WARMAN, m. (2) 17 Feb 1873, in Clark Co, IN,4 Rebecca
NICHOLSON.  Henry died 1894.
                children by Mary Catherine Warman:
        i       Laura Packwood b. 1863, Clark Co, IN.
        ii      Ellen Packwood b. 1867, Clark Co, IN, d. 1888, Clark Co, IN.
                children by Rebecca Nicholson:
40.     iii     Joseph E. b. 1875.
        iv      Charles H. Packwood b. 1877, Clark Co, IN.

15. Thomas Packwood b. 1846, m. Mary RITCHIE.  Thomas died 1882.
        i       George M. Packwood b. 7 Nov 1870, Scott, Austin, IN. 
        ii      Ida May Packwood b. 22 Oct 1877, Scott, Austin, IN, m. 13
            Jan 1895, in Scott, Austin, IN, Alie HAMELMAN.

16. Margaret (Peggy) Packwood b. 1832, m. George SHASER.  Margaret died
41.     i       Pheobe Ann.
        ii      Scott Shaser.
        iii     Mary Shaser.
        iv      Felix Shaser.
        v       Gus(?) Shaser.
        vi      Frank Shaser.
        vii     George Shaser.
        viii    America(?) Shaser.
        ix      Dan(?) Shaser.
        x       Annie Shaser.

17. Orpha Packwood (See marriage to number 8.)

18. Melinda Packwood b. 1835, m. (1) abt 1850, John S. SMITH, b.
England, d. Aug 1856, Salmon Falls, CA, m. (2) Thomas NIXON, m. (3)
Emile GALLIAC.  Melinda died 1913, Olympia, WA.
                children by John S. Smith:
        i       Matilda Smith b. abt 1850, d. 1877.11 
        ii      George Smith.
42.     iii     Edward Warren Smith b. 26 Nov 1855.

19. Mary Packwood (See marriage to number 8.)

20. Samuel Tate Packwood b. 4 Jul 1842, Platte Co, MO, occup farmer,
capitalist, m. 24 Dec 1860, in Rockey Comfort, MO, Margaret Finetta
HOLMES, b. 27 Jan 1843, Tishomingo, Miss, (daughter of Isham HOLMES
and Millie B. JONES) occup housewife, d. 11 Jul 1929, Kennewick, Benton,
WA.  Samuel died 21 Nov 1924, Kennewick, Benton, WA. 
43.     i       John Isham b. 29 Sept 1861.
44.     ii      Elizabeth.
45.     iii     Colorado b. 4 Jun 1874.
46.     iv      Oliver Franklin b. 1877.
47.     v       William T.
        vi      Harry Packwood b. ?  ___ 1880, m. Alice PEARCELL.
        vii     Harvey Packwood b. ?  ___ 1880.
        viii    Sam Tait Packwood Jr..
        ix      Farnette Packwood.
        x       Geo Packwood.
        xi      infant.

21. Elizabeth Packwood b. 5 Aug 1848, Oregon, m. 8 Oct 1868, in Exeter,
Barry Co, MO ?,16 Thomas J. McCLURE.  Elizabeth died 31 May 1935,
Exeter, Barry Co, MO, bur. 2 Jun 1935, Maplewood Cemetery, Exeter,
Barry, MO.
48.     i       Abigail McCLURE b. aft 1868.

22. John B Packwood b. abt 1855, MO, m. Lou McCARY.
        i       Myrtle Packwood m. Perry WEAVER.
        ii      Etta Packwood m. John PREWITT.
        iii     Samuel Packwood.
        iv      Hunter Packwood m. Etta ELLIS.
        v       Addie Packwood m. Finis PREWITT.
        vi      Effie Packwood m. Lon GARRISON.
        vii     Lucretia Packwood m. Silas CLARK.

23. Melissa Packwood m. George WEATHERLY.
49.     i       Cura(?) WEATHERLY.
        ii      Ina (Packwood ?) WEATHERLY d. young.

24. Jesse Packwood b. 1864, m. 1888, Amanda WHITE, b. 1869, d. 1954.
Jesse died 1955.
        i       Clara Packwood m. Mr. SALES.
        ii      Fannie Packwood b. 1891, m. Mr. DAVIS.
        iii     Homer Packwood b. 1893, d. 1911.
        iv      Ivy Packwood b. 1895, d. 1953?.
        v       Mabel Packwood b. 1897, m. Mr. MATHER.
        vi      Alma Packwood b. 1899.
        vii     Walter Packwood b. 1902, m. Miss McKEE.
        viii    Chester Packwood b. 1904.
        ix      LaVelle Packwood b. 1907.
        x       Edmond Packwood b. 1908.
        xi      LaVon Packwood b. 1910, d. 1911.

25. Addie Packwood m. in MO?, Frank OVERTON.
50.     i       Porter.
        ii      Notie OVERTON d. young.
        iii     Vin OVERTON d. young.

26. Samuel Tait Packwood b. 1832, IN, m. Matilda WARDELL, b. 1848, MO.
        i       Olive Ambrose Packwood d. as a child, Poterville, CA.
        ii      Dewitt Gilmore Packwood b. OR.
        iii     Romaldo Packwood b. OR.
51.     iv      Gertrude b. 14 Jun 1872.
        v       Roscoe Packwood b. 1874, WA, d. 1878, WA.
52.     vi      Otto Otis b. 1879.

27. Chiletha Packwood b. 1841, m. (1) A. ROUSSIN, m. (2) Marcellus
                children by A. Roussin:
        i       Howell Roussin d. of diphtheria.
                children by Marcellus Barnett:
        ii      Cassie Barnett.
        iii     Herman Barnett.
        iv      Lita Barnett.

28. Joseph C. Packwood b. 12 Nov 1847, OR, m. Sarah PIERCE.  Joseph died
53.     i       Leland b. 1875.
        ii      Hollis Packwood m. Bessie KING.
54.     iii     Lena b. 1 Mar 1879.
        iv      Eby Packwood b. 1881.
55.     v       Ethel.
        vi      Alta Packwood m. William ELLIS.
        vii     Ray? Packwood b. 1891?, d. age 2.
        viii    Ruby Packwood m. Walter HALSEY.

29. Humboldt Packwood b. 20 Aug 1850, Nevada (Utah Territory), occup
stage driver, m. 1878, Luna MASON.  Humboldt died 1907, Ellensburg,
Kittitas, WA.
        i       baby b. 1888.
        ii      baby2 b. 1890.

30. Augusta Packwood b. 1853, CA, m. (1) Mr. DRAKE, m. (2) Mr. SHONE, m.
(3) Mr. DIXON, m. (4) Mr. WILSON.
                children by Mr. Drake:
        i       Dara Drake.
        ii      Emma Drake.

31. Esther Packwood b. 4 Apr 1835 or 1838, Platte Co, MO, 
m. (1) 30 Apr 1854, in Thurston county, Washington Territory 
(by Daniel R. Bigelow, JP.), George Washington Lafayette  ALLEN.   They were
divorced in 1862.
m. (2) 7 Jul 1863, in Thurston county, Washington Territory, 
Thompson McLain CHAMBERS, b. 11 Jun 1834,
Hendersonville, KY, d. 16 Nov 1916, Roy, WA.  Esther died 8 Jul 1914,
Parkland, Pierce county, Washington.
                children by,  George Washington Lafayette Allen:
        i.       Manerva E. E. Allen. b. 6 Feb 1855. d. 11 Dec 1856.
        ii.      Sarah E. V. Allen. b. 31 May 1856.
        iii.     William Walter Allen. b. 3 Aug 1858. d. 8 Feb 1860.
        iv.      George Allen. b. 13 April 1860. d. 16 November 1916.

                children by McLain CHAMBERS:
56.     v       James McClain b. 15 May 1864.
        vi      Mary Bell Chambers b. 19 Dec 1865
        vii     Andrew Jackson Chambers b. 4 Aug 1868
        viii    David Hazard Chambers b. 4 Mar 1869
        ix      Lillie May Chambers b.  29 Jan 1871, m. Hugh S.  McINTYRE.
        x       John Francis Chambers, b. 5 Feb 1873
        xi      Maggie Violet Chambers, b. 3 Mar 1875, d. 13 Jun 1891
        xii     Thomas Lauren Chambers, b. 4 Apr 1877
        xiii    Robert Newton Chambers, b. 24 Dec 1879 

32. Amanda Jane Packwood b. 1846, m. Steven RUDDELL.  Amanda died 1873.
        i       George Ruddle.
57.     ii      Ruth.

33. William Packwood b. 1857, m. Nellie SILVRONTS.  William died 1920.
        i       son.
        ii      James Packwood.

34. Abbie Packwood m. Mr. TRUE.
        i       George True.

35. Nancy Packwood m. Mr. SPRAGUE.
        i       Bud(?) Sprague.
        ii      Blanche Sprague.

36. Sally Ann Packwood m. Mr. GLEASON.
        i       Minnie Gleason.
        ii      Manford Gleason.
        iii     Louis Gleason.

37. Sam Packwood b. 1825, m. Nancy Ann GLEASON.  Sam died 1906.
        i       Marcilius (sp?) Packwood b. 1853, d. 1854.
        ii      Clara Jane Packwood b. 1856?, m. Mr. BREWSTER.  Clara died
        iii     John Packwood b. 1859, d. 1893.
        iv      William Packwood b. 1861, d. 1941.
58.     v       Sam L. b. 1863.
        vi      George Packwood b. 1866.
        vii     Jim Packwood b. 1866, d. 1868.
59.     viii    Porter B. b. 1869.
        ix      Mary Packwood b. 1871, d. 1871.
60.     x       Bell b. 1872.
61.     xi      Ida b. 1876.

38. James Packwood m. (2) Jane PURLEY.
        i       son Packwood.
                children by Jane Purley:
62.     ii      Annie.
63.     iii     Melinda.

39. Joseph Marion Packwood b. 1845, Bordon, Clark Co, IN, m. Isabelle
RUGGLES.  Joseph died 1924.
        i       Flemion Bertrand Packwood.

Fifth Generation        

40. Joseph E. Packwood b. 1875, Clark Co, IN, m. Bertha GORMAN.

41. Pheobe Ann Shaser m. Milton HITCHCOCK.

42. Edward Warren SMITH b. 26 Nov 1855, m. unknown.

43. John Isham Packwood b. 29 Sept 1861, Rockey Comfort, MO, occup
freighter, m. 30 Nov 1887, in Kittitas Co, WA, Ida Alice SWASEY, b.
20 Jan 1865, Cape Girardeau, MO, (daughter of Hiram Hays SWASEY and
Millie Ellen CAMPBELL) occup school teacher, mother,20 d. ? Nov
1950,21 bur. Zillah Cem, Zillah, Yakima, WA,21 John died 1 Nov 1937,
bur. Zillah Cem, Zillah, WA.
        i       L. Ella Packwood d. 21 Mar 1891, bur. IOOF Cemetery,
            Ellensburg, Kittitas, WA.
        ii      Aleta Alice b. 12 Nov 1888.
        iii     Bess Mildred Packwood b. 20 May 1895, m. Arthur KRUG.  Bess
            bur. Zillah WA cemetery.
        iv      John W.

44. Elizabeth Packwood b. MO, m. Martin HOLLENBECK.

45. Colorado Packwood b. 4 Jun 1874, Colorado Springs, Colorado, m.
(1) abt 1890, in Ellensburg, Kittitas, WA,23 W. S. SEWELL, m. (2) 12
Jan 1898, in near Ellensburg, Kittitas, WA,22 George Robert BRADSHAW,
b. 1872, Hawkins Co, TN, (son of Benjamin W. BRADSHAW and Mary J.
LARKIN) occup farmer.

46. Oliver Franklin Packwood b. 1877, WA, occup farmer, m. 1900,
Elizabeth BRADSHAW, b. 1869, Tennessee,22 (daughter of Benjamin W.
Bradshaw and Mary J. LARKIN)

47. William T. Packwood occup farmer, stockman, m. ? Nov 1899, Tennessee

48. Abigail McCLUR b. aft 1868, Exeter?, m. T. B. YANALL.

49. Cura(?) Packwood m. Grover L. JOURNEY.

50. Porter OVERTON b. Exeter, MO?, m. in Exeter, MO?, Laura _uspann.

51. Gertrude Packwood b. 14 Jun 1872, WA, m. Harry COMPTON.  Gertrude
died 1957, Puerto Rico.

52. Otto Otis Packwood b. 1879, WA, m. 13 Aug 1905, in Ellensburg,
Kittitas, WA, Eva OLDHAM.

53. Leland Packwood b. 1875, m. Edna APPLINGTON.

54. Lena Packwood b. 1 Mar 1879, m. William WILLIAMS.

55. Ethel Packwood m. Glen McINTOSH.

56. James McClain CHAMBERS b. 15 May 1864, Roy, Pierce Co, WA, m. 4
Feb 1894, in Roy, Pierce Co, WA, Florence Bell WARREN, b. 21 ??? 1869, Ottokee, OH, d. 11 Feb 1955, Tacoma, WA.  James died 5 Aug 1941, Roy, Pierce county, WA. 
        i       Retta E. Chambers b. 1896, m. 1922, in WA?, Alfred J.HULTGREN.
                PACKWOOD genealogist.

57. Ruth RUDDLE m. Mr. BUNKER.

58. Sam L. Packwood b. 1863, m. 1885, Eliza B. WARD.  Sam died 1937.

59. Porter B. Packwood b. 1869, m. Olive SQUIRE.  Porter died 1942.

60. Bell Packwood b. 1872, m. Clay HENDERSHOTT.

61. Ida Packwood b. 1876, m. Alonzo BROWN.  Ida died 1931.

62. Annie Packwood

63. Melinda Packwood m. Mr. HOUSTON.