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The Gant-L mailing list includes all variations on the Gaunt surname. Ben Gantt runs it, as well as publishes a Ganttrees newsletter (via snail mail), and he likes to match folks up if they're working on the same lines. So he has contacts who aren't online who might be researching your line.

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A page of the earliest Gaunt/Gauntt/Gant/Gantt families so far, as well as some books and articles about them.


You may want to check out the GANT family files, which are maintained by Ben Gantt.

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My Gaunt Line

My earliest Gaunt family group sheet for Benjamin GAUNT and Elizabeth MARROTT is online. If you send me a group sheet with documentation I will include it as well. Send it to Chris Gaunt,

Messages I've received

Here are some messages I've gotten permission to put on this page.

Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 14:32:08 -0800
From: "Martin A. Broders"
Subject: Gaunt/Derrickson Families

Hi Chris!

My name is Martin Broders, 323 Kiyuga Way, Loudon, TN 37774, phone and 
fax: 423 458-4956, e-mail:    . I am related to 
James Gaunt Derrickson who was born on June 6, 1841 probably in New 
York. He was the son of James Turner Derrickson born November 23, 1810 
in Philadelphia, and Eleanor Jane Buchanan, born during 1818 in New 
York City. I have library records from Hanover township in New Jersey 
entitled "Along the Whippanong" which discusses the purchase of paper 
mills [Marr, Caledonian, Phoenix, Eden] by Gaunt and Derrickson. I feel 
since my ancestor James Gaunt Derrickson has a Gaunt middle name, he 
may be related to the Gaunt family. Do you have any Gaunt family 
information that refers to the Derrickson family, and perhaps 
specifically to my James Turner Derrickson ancestor. I will appreciate 
any information that you may have to help me learn more about my 
Derrickson ancestors. By the way the Campbell family is also tied to my 
Derrickson ancestors. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look 
forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Marty Broders 

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 21:34:37 EST From: WM F JOINER To: Subject: GAUNT/THOMPSON Seeking information on siblings and ancestry of Minerva (Minnie) GAUNT, b. 1856, Ohio; m. Watson W. THOMPSON. Lived in Louisa County, Iowa and Cowley County, Kansas; d. 1896, Linn County, Iowa. Thanks, Tim Swartz at SLLK80A@PRODIGY.COM --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 21:08:18 EST From: WM F JOINER To:, ROOTS-L@MAIL.EWORLD.COM Subject: GAUNT/THOMPSON Chris, Thank you so much for your reply. I have found an enclave of GAUNTS in Columbiana, Ohio. When I get a break, I expect to connect to them. If anything I find will be of help to you, I will notify you. If anything changes at your end, please let me know. Best wishes, Tim Swartz at SLLK80A@PRODIGY.COM
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 15:35:51 -0500 From: To: Subject: Gaunt surname search I have just begun a search of the name Gauntt through my paternal grandfather Harry Lee Gauntt (died around Alton, Illinois in 1950's). I know very little about the Gaunts because my father was raised by a stepfather. If you can help me in my search, I would appreciate it. Thank you. Kathy Buchanan, Los Gatos, California. I am also at --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 18:04:21 -0500 From: To: Subject: Re: Gaunt surname search Christine: Thanks for your quick response. Posting my e-mail address to other Gaunt researchers would be great. I have no idea whether or not my real grandfather re-married and had other children. It would be news to my dad - (he doesn't remember much and would have believed anything told him as a child). There are Gauntts in San Jose, CA, but I haven't called them-perhaps I should. Later, Kathy --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 01:14:20 -0400 From: To: Subject: Re: Gaunt surname search Chris: A web page would be great. I have since learned my great-grandfather was Charles Gauntt of Carrollton, Illinois around 1885. Please use my data. Thanks, Kathy B.
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 96 19:40:34 0000 From: Barbara Denny George To: Subject: (no subject) Howdy, I was surfing the net and saw your name in a genealogy section. I have a Gaunt line that I am tracing and wondered if it could tie in to yours. Hopefully, you would have all the answers! My Elizabeth Gaunt was born in 1820 in KY. She married abt. 1840 to Milton Helm and died July 5, 1865. She is buried in Grand Chain, Illinois. Her siblings and ancestors are unknown to me at this time. Other Gaunt/Gant people buried near her are: Fred Gaunt (1877 - 1932) and wife Angie (1882 - 19--) James M. Gaunt (1821 - 1875), and wife, Mary Ann (1825 - 1909), Amelia (1880 - 1880), A.G. Gaunt (1858 - 1877), Joseph Gaunt (1827 - ----), wife Margaret (1837 - 1876), Benjamin F. (1842 - 1862). Would you by chance have anything on this line? If you are a genealogist, you understand taking "shots in the dark". Thanks, Barbara Denny George --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:01:28 -0500 From: "Dr. Barbara Denny George" To: "Christine E. Gaunt" Subject: Re: Gaunts Hi, Thanks for the quick response. Yes, please feel free to forward my Gaunt info to anyone researching that line. Barbara Barbara Denny George Teacher/Genealogist
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 11:07:02 GMT-5 From: "Byard, Melody Lynn" To: "Christine E. Gaunt" Subject: Re: gaunt information Hello Christine, Glad to hear from you.*Smile*. The Gaunt's that married into the Taylor family were Quakers and they were from the N.J. Coast. I didn't bring my information with me today, but I will bring it with me tomarrow. I hope this information that I have will help in any way. Melody Byard --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 9:42:04 GMT-5 From: To: Subject: Re: Gaunt Family Hello Chris, Thank you for giving me this list of address to write to. I believe the second one will be of great help to me. If you can or have the time could you check and see if the e-mail address still works. Thankyou again for your help. Melody Byard --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 12:00:43 GMT-5 From: To: Subject: Re: gaunt information Hello Christine, Sorry it has taken me so long to answer you letter.The school has had me chained to my studies this past week and it is only now that I am able to write you. Inclused is all of my Gaunt Family information. I hope that there is a link here because I have been searching for one. I hope this information that I am sending you will also help you out some. Melody Byard ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Gaunt Family Linage Peter Gaunt England to Massachusetts in 1650 where he then moved to Long Island. He met and married Hannah (last name Unknown) Children: 1. Hananiah married Dorthy Butler 2. Israel (unknown information here) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hananiah Gaunt B. Springfield ,Burl county ,( date unknown) D. 1721 son of Peter Gaunt. He settled in 1685 in Springfield, Burl county. Where met and married Dorothy Butler. Children 1. Daniel B.unknown D. unknown married. Hannah Shourds (2/ / 2. Mehatable B. unknown D. unknown married: Thomas Staples 3. Zebulen B. unknown D.unknown married: Sophia Shourds (3/ / 1715) 4. Mary B. unknown D. unknown married Robert Webb (4/ / 1713) 5. Hannaniah JR. B.unknown D. unknown married: Ann Ridgway 6. Dorothy B.unknown D. unknown never married ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hannaniah Gaunt JR.son of Hananaiah Gaunt Hannaniah JR Gaunt married Ann Ridgway child 1. John Gaunt B. 5/21/ 1734 D. 10/17/1809 married Jane Satterthwaite ------------------------------------------------------------------------ John Gaunt married Jane Satterthwaite (11/24/1756) B. 1/20/1735 D. 8/28/1798 Children: 1. Ann B.9/1/1758 or 1/9/1758 D. Unknown married: unknown 2. Jane B. 2/9/1760 or 9/2/1769 D. unknown married:unknown 3. Hannah B.2/25/1763 D.unknown Married:unknown 4. Samuel B.7/22/1765 D. unknown Married: Achsah Decou Taylor 5. Elizabeth B. 1/21/1767 D. Unknown married: unknown 6. Mary B.2/5/1769 or 5/2/1769 D.unknown married:unknown 7. Phebe B. 8/9/1771 or 9/8/1771 D.unknown married: unknown 8. Daniel B.6/9/1776 or 9/6/1776 D.12/30/1809 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Samuel Gaunt married Achsah Decou Taylor B. 6/10/1760 or 10/6/1760 D. 11/9/1829 0r9/11/1829 Her second marriage children 1. John Gaunt B. 12/19/ 1794 D.5/12/1871 or 12/5/1871 married Elizabeth Kirby ------------------------------------------------------------------------ John Gaunt Married Elizabeth Kirby (11/27/1816) B.2/25/1792 D.3/9/1869 or 9/3/1869 children: 1.Samuel Gaunt B.7/10/1817 or 10/7/1817 D. unknown married: Caroline Horner 2.Ann Gaunt B.10/14/1818 D. 12/3/1882 Buried:Crosswicks N.J. Married: Issac D. Taylor children:6 3. Clayton Decou Gaunt B.3/4/1821 D.unknown Married: Sarah Edwards 4. Rachel Gaunt B. 8/17/1822 D. Unknown Married: First name:unknown last name:Moore 5 and 6. Twins: Elizabeth Gaunt>B.2/7/1828 D.1913 John Gaunt >B. 2/7/1828 Elizabeth Married Benjamin Pancoast children: 5 John Gaunt married Elizabeth French children:unknown 7. Amos Gaunt B.4/22/ 1830 D. unknown Married: Abigail Cooper 8. Hannah Gaunt B.unknown D.unknown Married: Samuel Haines ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ann Gaunt married Issac D Taylor (1/29/1846) This was his second marriage. Children: 1. Elizabeth Gaunt B.7/18/1847 Place: Chesterfield N.J. Died: 3/10/1871 or 10/3/1871 Married:Thomas Rockhill B. 1847 D. 3/11/1871 11/3/1871 Children: 1.Joseph Albert B.unknown D.unknown married:unknown 2. Stacy Gaunt B. 2/21/1849 place: Chesterfield N.J. D. 11/16/1879 Married: Martha R. Aaronson Place: Trenton N.J. Children: 1. James Elwood B.unknown D.unknown Marriedn: Agnes Pew(1902) Children: 1.Stacy B.9/20/1904 D.10/27/1965 Married:Doris Chaffey children:unknown 2. Evelyn B.1/20/1906 D.unknown married:unknown children:unknown 3. EleanorB.8/24/1907 D. unknown married:unknown children:unknown 4.Verna Elwood B.Unknown D. Unknown married:Margaret Oson children:unknown 5. Jean B.unknown D. auto accident age 17 3. Mary Anna B.11/1/1853 11/10/1853? Place:Chesterfield N.J. D.unknown Married: George Frank Harvey(1/5/1871) (5/1/1871) Children: 1. William Harvey B.Unknown D.unknown Married:unknown children:unknown 2. George1. B.unknown D.unknown Married: Helena Kirby (10/18/1899) children:unknown 3. Mary >still born< 4. Emily K. B.10/11/1901 D. unknown Married:unknown children:unknown 5. William Franklin B.12/7/1903 D. unknown Married:Unknown Children:Unknown 4.James JR. B.8/17/1854 Place:Chesterfield N.J. D.11/16/1879 Married: Martha Atkinson Children 1. Anna Mabel B.unknown D.unknown married:unknown children:unknow 5. John Gaunt B. 8/17/1858 11/17/1858? place: Chesterfield N.J. D.11/11/1933 Married: Ann Jane Pancoast(Jennie) children: 1.William Taylor B. 11/10/1888 Place:Chesterfield N.J. D. 8/31/1965 Married: Sarah Lukas Warren Children:none 2. Anna Elizbeth Taylor B.12/19/1891 Place: Chesterfield D. 1/28/1964 car accident Married David H Byard 6. Meribah B. 5/17/1860 place: Chesterfield N.J. D. 2/6/1902 Married:Ben. Frank Tallman Children: 1 James Tallman B.unknown place:columbus N.J. D. unknown Married: Florence Pew (1/23/1901) children: unknown 2. Sarah Tallman B. 7/24/1884 Place:Columbus.N.J D. unknown Married:Elwood Hancock (11/9/1904) children: unknown 3. Mary F. Tallman B. 11/20/1891 Place:Columbus N.J. D. unknown Married: Everett Satterthwaite Anderson (4/23/1913) Children: 1.Evelyn Thomas B.1/2/1923 Place:Crosswicks N.J. D. unknown married:Charles Thatcher (9/30/1944) children:unknown 2.Mary Beth B.9/23/1947 Place:Trenton D. Unknown Married: Firstname Unknown last name Schultz ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elizabeth Gaunt one of the Twins of John Gaunt and Elizabeth Kirby Elizabeth Gaunt married Begamin Pancoast(Quaker) Children: 1. Anna Jane Pancoast B: 5/28/1852 Place:Mullica Hill N.J. D: 11/3/1921 Married John G Taylor Children: See abouve 2, Hannah K B. 12/12/1849 Place:unknown D: 2/10/1932 Married: Thompson Hewes (2/24/1876) children:unknown 3. Louella B.3/12/1869 Place: Mullica Hill, N.J. D. 1963 Never married 4. Clarkson B. 5/16/1855 Place:unknown D. 1/11/1931 Married: Mary Ida Farran Children:unknown 5 and 6 Twins 5. John>B. 11/9/1859 6. Sarah>B. 11/9/1859 John married Mary Dennelsbeck Sarah married Alexander P. Owen children from both of the Twins is unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well that is my list of Gaunt's in my family. If there is any connection at all please write me. Thank you Melody Byard,GGGD of Anna Jane Pancoast.
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 17:38:39 -0500 From: To: Subject: What Gaunt Family? My maiden name is Gaunt. My father is CH Gaunt descendent of the Gaunts who settled in Southern New Jersey in 1620. Which Gaunt family do you descend from? I have met very few Gaunts in my lifetime. Will look forward to hearing from you. Suzy Weisman --------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 16:31:46 -0400 From: To: Subject: Re: What Gaunt Family? Peter Gaunt arrived from England in 1608 and settled in the lower half of New Jersey. The land was given to him by the King of England. My dad says we are related to John of Gaunt. A David Gaunt in Michigan has done most of the Gaunt work. He has done the history since Peter arrived. My dad's dad was born in 1890 St Paul, Minn. His father was western division manager for Western Union and Asst Manager for Santa Fe Railroad. We are actually researching for someone to complete my dad's maternal side of the family history in Germany. We have all the stateside info but want to check a little into the German side. Do you know any one who does this?
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