This page is a listing of some of Jonje's favorite places on the web. They might already be your favorite places too, but be quiet! And after you look at a link, y'all come back here!

WBS - No, it does not stand for W Bull S---. It does stand for WebChat Broadcasting System, and it's the best chat around. I'm username "Jonje"-- very predictable.

Nintendo - Everyone knows that Nintendo makes the best video games. This official site gives you the inside scoop.

U of M - The University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, for those of you who are too stupid to know.

CBC Stanley Cup - For stanley cup coverage, watch CBC, because ESPN doesn't even come close. And check out the web site, too. Congrats to the Wings.

Celebrity Slugfest - Want to take out your anger on anyone from O.J. to Barney? Try Celebrity Slugfest! Some are super easy while others provide a challenge as they fight back. My personal favorite to punch the lights out of: Bill Gates.

Greenhills School - About 90% of my school's site says "COMING SOON," but I'm linking to it anyway.

Dupree the Iguana - This was about the first thing I looked at ever on the web because I had seen it in a magazine. Only problem is, I've never actually seen Dupree live. I've always checked it at night, when the iguana's sleeping.

Jeopardy! Online - My favorite game show's online site.

My Yahoo - The best customizable site for your up-to-date info.

Sony Station - Sony has this site for interactive junk. It takes forever to download. Again, my username is "Jonje," so send me a message.

Gateway 2000 - Gateway 2000. The best PCs.

Dell - Also a good PC manufacturer.

Microsoft - I hate Microsoft, but I linked to them. Go fig.

Arborweb - A site about Ann Arbor, MI.

The Dilbert Zone - Dilbert's funny.

CarTalk - It's that hilarious show on NPR (hilarious and NPR in the same sentence???).

Letterman Top Ten - Get last night's top ten from Dave.

You can also search on these search engines:

Alta Vista - This site gives you lots of matches. Most of the time, too many. That's why I use Yahoo!-- it's easier to use and returns less and higher quality matches.

Excite - This is a cool search engine, but Yahoo! and Alta Vista are more reliable. That's why I almost never search this and the other engines that follow.

HotBot - This engine claims to search EVERY page on the internet.

Ryder's Yellow Pages - The pages are yellow, but the searches aren't so great.

Lycos - This search engine is pretty cool, with lots of searching options. I probably use this third most, after Yahoo! and Alta Vista.

You should be able to search under "Jonje" for most of the above search engines and find my page!

Six Degrees - Helps you stay connected.

These are all of the links I can think of right now. Email me at if you want me to include a really cool link! By the way, there are also several links scattered elsewhere in my site, so keep exploring.