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King's Port is the largest city in Jonje Island. Not only does it contain big city life, but there are also many cultural aspects here. King's Port was formerly known under a different name. Its current name was coined in 1983 after the departure of Jonje Ellis, the 143rd king of Jonje Island.

Goodman is the capital city of Jonje Island. A special feature here occurs on October 14 at 1:07 am. This is when many Jonjes gather for an annual spirit calling ceremony.

Monopolis is a city with not very much culture, but many museums of culture. Monopolis and King's Port are the only cities with airports.

Baboochka City is mostly inhabited by the Baboochkas. Little purple creatures, the Baboochkas are very friendly. Three types of the Baboochka clans are the Original Baboochkas, the Baboochka Boys, and the Baboochka Raptors. A leading band here is Jonje and the Baboochkas®.

Splatt is mostly populated by Splatts, which look somewhat like small yellow anteaters.

Twisto has a population made up of half Jonjes and half Twists, little purple people.

Forbidden Desert is called that because not very many people have come out of there alive. It's too bad, because it would make a great tourist attraction.

Green Mountains is the major mountain range in Jonje Island. There are some active volcanoes in the range.

Cereal Mountains is a minor mountain range.

Turnover Swamp is a swampy area in the southern part of Jonje Island.

Arrival River Rapids is a challenging experience for even the most professional white water rafters.

Dam on the Purple River.

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