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That's right! You are now looking at the new home of the Yellow Cheerio Show. To find all the cool stuff we've got for you here at the Yellow Cheerio Show Web Site, scroll down.

NEW! Yellow Cheerio Show Downloads!

Three of the original cast members of the Yellow C (Jonje, Ben, and Andrew) got together to do a reunion show! Now available are audio clips from the show. The audio clips will sometimes change, so check back often to see if there's a new one. Remember, this is only a few seconds of a sixty minute spectacular! If you want it all on cassette, send $1 billion to: Yellow C Casettes, 1 Cheerio Drive, General Mills, USA 00000. Limit one per person. Just kidding. So you'll have to check back here if you want any audio at all!

Today's Audio Clips:
Yellow Cheerio Intro (90 KB)

Big Wampa's Yellow Cheerio Debut (158 KB)

These clips will only take a minute or so to download (unless, of course, you're on AOL!). (Just a joke, take it easy!)

The Yellow Cheerio Show can be seen on select stations every weekday 11:40AM-12:03PM. The show is many times hilarious, and we feature the ever-popular segments "McDundee" and "The Bene Salvette Show." You can also find Ben's Counselor's Corner and The Invention Of The Day. Tune in soon before the show gets cancelled! As an added bonus, you will be given the opportunity to win absolutely nothing!

Now, here's a list of the people who work (if you can call it work) on the show:

Jonathan Ellis
Host (Host Dept.)
Ben Salvette
Panelist #1 (Recycled Jokes Dept.); Favorite Role: Our Special Investigator
Kevin Loh
Panelist #2 (Innocent Bystander Dept.); Favorite Role: World Traveler
James Kuper
Panelist #3 (Weird Dept.); Favorite Roles: Bill Clinton, Boutros Boutros Ghali
Adrian Vine
Guest Star (Guest Star Dept.); Favorite Role: A Frenchman
Alex Burchell
Some Guy (Latin Songs Dept.); Favorite Roles: Hillary Clinton, Ross Perot
The Original Concept of the Yellow Cheerio Show goes to Jonathan Ellis and Andrew Little. Mr. Little was the co-host of the 1994-1995 season. Scott Hester was the cameraman of the 1994-1995 season.
Also join us at 2:30PM for the Jonje and Alex show, and at 11:30PM Saturday nights for the Yellow C Saturday Night.

MIY: The Men in Yellow

The Men in Yellow is a top secret AND lowly funded government agency. Our job: to prevent Andrew (or for that matter, anyone) from taking over the earth. Below is the MIY equipment list. To be on the equipment list, an item must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be cheap.
  2. It must be funny.
  3. It must be common, but hard to get.

Here is the equipment list:

  1. Hobbes poker. Found in restaurants in Germany. Has little bump on middle prong. Can be used to defend yourself against Hobbes.
  2. Broken phone. Always useful for calling the Andrew hotline. Call 1-900-4-ANDREW.
  3. Diskette with virus. Used for stopping the three D's:
  4. Hobbes Jokebook. Always useful for making Andrew crack up. Now in convenient paperback.
  5. Dustbuster. We just had to.
  6. Can of Surge. You always must have some at Andrew's house.

The kit comes in a convenient carrying case. Steps for opening the case:

  1. Enter the proper code.
  2. Press the two side buttons in AT THE SAME TIME. This should usually fool Andrew.
  3. Open the case.
  4. DO NOT PRESS the button that says "Press here." This should fool Andrew, if by some uncommon chance that he got here. Pressing the button will immediately close the case.

The kit is available for $2,749. Add an additional $50 for the case.

Web Pages of Cast Members

Okay, counting it up here... Well, 3 homepages out of 6 cast members ain't bad. At least it's better than what the Honey Nut Cheerio Show has.

Now, here's some excerpts of some emails we've received from fans...

Dear Yellow C,
I am a follower of the yellow cheerios show, and I have a few things to say. First of all, Ben Salvette stinks!!!!!! I should know from past experience. I think Jonje is very good, but Ben imitates him and doesn't think for himself. I also very much enjoy your special guest. Being that I used to work on the Yellow Cheerio Show, I think you are doing a much better job. One more thing-- The Bloopers department stinks now that Brad Rosenwasser isn't doing it. Thank you, and good day!!
-That person
Well, what can you say? We want to keep an open cast so everyone can enjoy the show. And concerning Brad, why don't you ask him to come back?

I'm writing to tell you about the show you run. I have complaints about the Yellow Cheerio. First of all, the name has nothing to do with the show. Next, you have very unconveinient show time. You have no introduction. And the setting is in a cafateria.. Then, the panelists are stupid and hardley answer the question at hand. The departments were a stupid idea. I find that the only 2 departments are the recycled joke/ Andrew Little department, and the bloopers department. The show is too short, because it is at a measley 20 minutes, and as I said earlier, who's ever heard of 11:40 - 12:07. And it is usually 11:40- 12:02. I would like to cut to the chase. I find that the material on the show is dumb, boring, and stupid. I mostly find it rude to other people. Especially that Andrew Little kid. Your recycled joke department usually has nothing to say. And the Innocent bystandard department never say's anything. What happened to the Weird department? Where has James Kuper gone. I also say that the bloopers department is never funny. I think that Ben Salvette is a terrible host. I also think he is a terrible panelist. For my conclusion, I would say that your show should be taken off the air immediatly, or the station that runs the show will lose its business.
That One Guy.
P.S. Where's your audiance.
(Some parts of the previous excerpt have been emitted. The Yellow Cheerio Show is not responsible for those terrible misspellings.) Thank you for the input, we will take it into consideration....

I am a daily listener to the Yellow Cheerio Show. And I think it is the greatest show in the world!! In response to the anoymous name that send that rude E-mail message to you. He had an awful messege to give you. He said a lot of swear words and many crude things that lowered the shows self-esteem.I would like to thank for putting on a great show. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.
Your #1 fan
That other guy
Thanks for that great letter. We'll try to keep it up!

I watch the yellow cheerio show a lot, and I think it's a great show. But I have one question. Why do you have such unconveinent time to show the show?
Your Friend
Question person
Dear Question Person, we couldn't find another time for the show because that's when lunch period is!

The whole reason we made this page even better was to compete with the Honey Nut Cheerio Show! The battle of the Cheerio Shows has officially begun and is in full swing on the WWW. Of course, they don't have a web page, so hah!

Thanks for the Cheerio Picture, General Mills!

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