My primary interests are in algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. In particular, I am interested in special cycles on modular varieties, rational points on elliptic curves, and the arithmetic of p-adic L-functions. I am also interested in lattice-based cryptography, particularly on lattice constructions arising from number theory.

Expository Writing

I wrote some notes on canonical lifts of elliptic curves and their role in the Gross-Zagier formula for a talk I gave in the Gross-Zagier Seminar.

I taught a mini-course on "Galois representations and their deformations" in 2016. I will eventually get around to writing up notes that will appear here.


Winter 2017: Math 116
Fall 2016: Math 115
Summer 2016: M-Sci Math 3
Fall 2015: Math 116 course co-coordinator
Summer 2015: M-Sci Math 3
Fall 2014: Math 115
Winter 2014: Math 116
Fall 2013: Math 115
Winter 2013: Math 116
Fall 2012: Math 115


I am currently the organizer for the Student Arithmetic Seminar. Feel free to contact me if you would like to be added to the mailing list or to give a talk.

I also organized a seminar on Borcherds products with Charlotte Chan during the Winter 2016 semester.