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Carsten Peterson

Email: carstenp at umich dot edu

Office: East Hall 5840

About me

Hello, my name is Carsten Peterson. I am a third year graduate student at the University of Michigan. I did my undergrad at Yale University. My interests are broad and ever-growing: $\{$things I don't like$\}$ $\subset$ $\{$things I don't understand$\}$. However, I have a particular soft spot for geometric things, discrete things, and computational/computable things.


  1. K. Cordwell, M. Hlavacek, C. Huynh, S. J. Miller, C. Peterson, and Y. N. T. Vu, Summand minimality and asymptotic convergence of generalized Zeckendorf decompositions (arxiv version). Res. Number Theory (2018) 4: 43.
  2. S. J. Miller, C. Peterson, C. Sprunger, and R. van Peski, The bidirectional ballot polytope (arxiv version). Integers 18 (2018), #A81.
  3. S. J. Miller and C. Peterson, A geometric perspective on the MSTD question (arxiv version). Discrete Comput. Geom. (2019).