Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan
Carmel O'Shannessy
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Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Undergraduate and Graduate courses)
Perspectives on Bilingualism (Undergraduate and Graduate courses)
Language Contact (Graduate course)
Perspectives on First Language Acquisition (Graduate course)
Start talking: Introduction to first language acquisition (Undergraduate course) Introduction to Language (Undergraduate course)
Perspectives on Endangered Languages (Undergraduate course)
Language contact: A Case Study (Graduate course)
Language documentation and field methods (Undergraduate and Graduate course)


Linguistic Society of America 2013 Linguistic Institute at the University of Michigan: Universality and Variability. Course: The role of children in language contact and change. June 24 - July 19

Linguistic Society of America 2009 Linguistic Institute at UC Berkeley: Linguistic structure and language ecologies. Course: Linguistic effects of language shift and attrition. July 27 - August 13

Executive teacher in bilingual education schools in the Northern Territory, Australia (see Department of Employment, Education and Training Bilingual Education Program) Lajamanu Community Education Centre, Warlpiri, 1998-2001; Central Australian schools 2007; Languages taught in the schools: Warlpiri / Luritja / Pitjantjatjara and English

Advanced Diploma of Teaching, Batchelor College (now Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education ), Batchelor, Northern Territory, Australia 1996-97

ESL and EFL teaching in a variety of contexts, to children and adults 1984-1995