Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan
Carmel O'Shannessy
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  • Video recordings of naturally occurring interactions in families, ie. adults and children talking; children playing with each other.

  • Elicited production of stories told from picture stimuli.
    Three picture books -
    • The Monster Story (pdf)
    • The Bush Coconut story (pdf)
    • The Hunting Story (pdf)
    - are designed to elicit overt transitive subject nominals, so that there is the opportunity for ergative case-marking to be applied to the nouns.

    Another is designed to elicit locatives - The Bike Story (pdf).

    You are welcome to download and use the stories in your own research. Please cite them as follows:
    O'Shannessy, Carmel 2004 The Monster Stories: Picture stimuli for elicited production. (Unpublished series.) Nijmegen: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

    Sample: The Monster Story
The Emu Story (pdf) is designed to elicit dual and plural subject and object pronouns. Please cite it as:
O'Shannessy, Carmel 2003 The Emu Story. Illustrated by David Lemay. (Unpublished.) Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics: Nijmegen.

The other picture books are general in theme with no particular structural aim. Please cite these four books as part of The Monster Story series. They are:
  • The Guitar Story (pdf)
  • The Crocodile Story (pdf)
  • The Sick Woman Story (pdf) and
  • The Child Who Ran Away (pdf).

  • A comprehension task in which children and adults saw two events each with two animate participants. In each event one participant performed an action on the other. The children heard a sentence and pointed to one of the events. These stimuli are available on request.
    • Comprehension stimulus 1 (swf) Light Warlpiri sentence heard (wav)
    • Comprehension stimulus 2 (swf) Light Warlpiri sentence heard (wav)