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Carmel O'Shannessy
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I am greatly indebted to Lajamanu Community members (including the former Lajamanu Community Government Council) for welcoming me into their community, teaching me Warlpiri and trusting me to work with their children.

In particular, my thanks to the families of the focus children, who remain anonymous, and my main Warlpiri teachers.

I am very grateful to: Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi, L. Nakamarra, Margaret Martin Nungarrayi, Tiny Long Nungarrayi, Gracie White Napaljarri, Marlkirdi Rose Napaljarri, Steven Patrick Jampijinpa, Elizabeth Ross Nungarrayi, Leah Johnson Napaljarri, Tanya Hargraves Napanangka, Roseanne Dixon Napanardi, Noressa White Napurrurla, Matrina Robertson Nangala, Geraldine Gallagher Nangala, Audrey Baker Nakamarra, Belinda Baker Nakamarra, Sabrina Nelson Nakamarra, Agnes Donnelly Napanangka, Elaine Johnson Nangala, Valerie Patterson Napanangka, MR Napaljarri, Teddy Morrison Jupurrurla, Zena Kelly Nangala, Denicia Luther, Shane White Jupurrurla, Maxwell Rose Japanangka, Keisha White Nakamarra, Tameeka Walker Napurrurla, Leilani Walker Napurrurla, Lyndal Dixon Napangardi, Claris McDonald Napaljarri, Sharon Ross Nangala, Cornelia Ronson Napaljarri, Teresita Morrison, JoyJoy Hargraves Nakamarra, Janice Burns Napurrurla, Deandra Burns Napanangka, Tara Barnes Napanangka, and many more.

Thank you also to NTDE school principals, especially Frank and Gina Atkinson, Nicky Fammartino and staff at Lajamanu Community Education Centre and Paul Bubb (formerly Manager, Bilingual Education Program, Northern Territory Department of Education).