Carl A. Miller
Assistant Research Scientist
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

E-mail: carlmi @
Office: 2709 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: 734-647-7127

Curriculum vitae

This year I am moving to NIST and the University of Maryland!


I work on quantum information processing, a field where a number of different disciplines and styles of thinking converge. My particular focus is on quantum cryptography, where proving the security of new protocols often involves some creative and interesting mathematics. I am interested more generally in applications of higher mathematics to theoretical computer science.

Here is my recent talk on random number generation at QCRYPT: abstract, slides, video.


Program Committee Member for QIP 2016, TQC 2016, and QCRYPT 2016.

Organizer (2016) and Local Organizer (2015) for the first two Workshops on Trustworthy Quantum Information.

Co-Leader of the University of Michigan seminar on quantum information processing.

Selected work: