Saturday Morning Physics Lectures

In 1995, the University of Michigan Department of Physics began sharing some of the latest ideas in the field with the public in the Saturday Morning Physics lecture series. Designed for general audiences, the lectures are an opportunity to hear physicists discuss their work in easy-to-understand, non-technical terms. The multimedia presentations include hands-on demonstrations of the principles discussed, along with slides, video, and computer simulations.

In February 2017, I gave a lecture on "The Antiups and Antidowns of Life: Studying Antiquarks in Hydrogen and Carbon."

In March 2013, I gave a Saturday Morning Physics talk on "Peering Into the Proton."

K-12 Outreach

Some of the recent K-12 outreach activities in which I have been involved include a Physics Demo Day for the 8th graders at Slauson Middle School in Ann Arbor, and Girl Scout Physics Day, which brings about 25 middle-school-age girls from Girl Scout troops in the broader Ann Arbor area to the U-M campus for a Saturday for demonstrations and hands-on experiments. Both annual events are through the University of Michigan Society of Women in Physics.

I have also initiated a hands-on program teaching the physics of sound and music to second graders at Lawton Elementary School in Ann Arbor.