Tripacer PA-22-150 N4453A

Tripacer PA-22-150 N4453A

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First trip to look at N4453A
Panel Pilot's side
Panel right side
Full panel
In the hanger
Old delapitated C150. Has sat on the field for years.
Jim and I pulling her out of the hanger
Me, Wayne, and Jim shooting the shit
More shit shootin'
The three of us discuss the struts
Jim and I take her out for some taxi runs
Left side
Left rear
Right rear
Right side

24 June 2001 N4453A comes to Rossettie's (75G)
Terry in the Maule M-4
Mike in the Calair between tows
Kelsea likes her new seat
Ready to go papa!
Melanie, Kelsea, and 53A
Melanie, Kelsea, and 53A
Nice hood ornament
Papa, Kelsea, and 53A
"Where's my Dave Clark? Papa wants to give me a ride!!!"

27 June 2001 Solo - Just Goofin' Around
Chelsea Proving Grounds
Rossettie's (Between the struts)
I can't fly 105 *LOL*
Farms, farms, farms....
Rossettie's again(Between the struts)
Blues skies... puffy clouds
Bunch o' Lakes
Napoleon - somewhere in the haze
Michigan International Speedway
Michigan International Speedway
Haze gray and underweigh
More puffy clouds
Jiffy Mix plant in Chelsea
Pleasant Lake - We live on the right side
2 O'clock
12 O'clock
10 O'clock
9 O'clock
7 O'clock
6 O'clock
5 O'clock
3 O'clock

2 July 2001 Solo - Takeoff & Landing Practice
Takeoff run
Takeoff run
Crosswind landing
Starting to flare
Landing rwy 18
Almost there
Back taxi
High approach
Momma and Kelsea

Kelsea's First Flight
Come on Dad, get the show on the road
My inflight commentary at work
Checking out the scenery

Fun Flights for the Nieces and Nephews
Jon and I do the preflight
Mike, Ben, and Catie waiting their turn
Loaded up and ready to go

Crosscountry With Dad
Arriving at Howell (OZW)
Taking care of business at Coldwater (OEB)
The four of us ready to head home

Crosscountry to Houghton Lake July 14-15 2001
We arrive at Houghton Lake State (5Y2)
Carol waiting for her ride to Roscommon County (HTL)
Charlie loaded up and waiting
Carol patiently waiting for me to get it in gear
Tim gives us last rites
Waiting for the squirrels to wind up
Finally on the way
"Look both ways before crossing"
Back taxi to take off on rwy34
On the way
Back already!
Hope they enjoyed the ride
Rain showers we missed on the way back
Chain of lakes near Gladwin

Twilight Fun Flight to Wixom and Back - 12 Aug 2001
Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor
Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Sunset #3
The old house in Wixom
Medical Center and Medical School
Downtown Ann Arbor
Michigan Stadium and Chrysler Arena
Ann Arbor Muni

Cross Country to Covington, TN - Labor Day Weekend 2001

Earl's First Flight and First Trip To Carl's Airport - 12 Aug 2001
Earl enjoying the breeze
No clouds but hazy
Approach to 18 at Carl's.... it's about 30-35' wide cut out of woods ;-)
Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Sunset #3

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