My Flight Training My Flight Training

With support from Melanie I finally started what I have always dreamed of doing all my life.... FLYING!!!!! Since before I can remember there are pictures of me playing with airplanes. They've been mostly what I have read about all my life, I worked on them for eight years in the Navy and starting last April Fools Day I have been taking flight lessons at last. I fly out of a small family owned grass strip four miles west of our house called Rossettie's Airport. Terry, my instructor calls it the "patch". Mike and Alice Rossettie are the managers and they own the Cessna 150 I train in called "Scabby" as well as a Maule and a Calair for towing gliders. Terry is ex-Army and flew Birddogs, and Beavers in Viet Nam. The patch has a lot glider activity, but I usually have my lessons before or after they fly. It's a great place to learn as it is an uncontrolled airport and the surface is grass. It's kinda rough and there is an incline from North to South as well as a few hills in between. :) Below are photos from around the patch. The first set were taken during my second flight and second set has pictures I took during a no fly day and ones Melanie took of my first solo. Soon I'll have a diary of my postflight messages I have been sending my Dad and two best friends, Dave and Craig after every flight.

Photos from my second hop
Preflight checking oil
Chasing the squirrels out of the cargo compartment
Where's the toy key to wind this puppy up?
Waiting for the PC to take the tie down chain off
Terry's wondering if I'll catch his seat belt being caught in the door
Looking for the relief tube already
Taxiing around
More taxiing
UltraLight that landing just before I took off
Taylorcraft that landed while we were out
Rolling in on final
Just before touchdown
parking it
Me, Terry, and Scabby

Photos from my solo!
Looking down Rwy36
Nice C182
C182 taking off
C175 for sale
Looking down Rwy18
Looking at the flight line. Note the fuel tank and truck
More of the Rwy
Mike Rossettie's Maule
Mike's Calair
Terry and I going over my pre-solo test
Scabby ... Whatta bird!
Dual takeoff
passing by
First dual landing of the day ... one of my best
Still landing
Taxiing back
Taking off again
Almost off the ground
A little high on the approach but I got it down
Touching down
Taxiing around
Taking off ... again
Another approach
Flaring out
Taking off again
More landing
Solo Takeoff!!!!!!!
Go around
Solo Landing!!!!!!!
Me, Terry, and Scabby after my solo

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All photos Copyright © Buzz Nau , 1998 unless otherwise noted