Centuri Goodies
A lot of us who were in the hobby through the '70's remember fondly when Estes and Centuri were the big guns. Since Centuri's absence it's been hard to find anything Centuri from kits to liturature. Most people will agree that the Centuri Tech Reports were much more informative and up to date than the Estes counterparts. Here is my collection, spartan as it is for all to enjoy. Anyone who wishes to add to the collection please e-mail me with details.
TIR-123 on Staging - Page1
TIR-123 on Staging - Page2
TIR-24 on Lifting Bodies - Page1
TIR-24 on Lifting Bodies - Page2
Life on VectorV - Page1
Life on VectorV - Page2
Skylab Data Sheet
The Space Shuttle Conception - Page1
The Space Shuttle Conception - Page2
The SST Shuttle Concept - Page1
The SST Shuttle Concept - Page2
The SST Shuttle Concept - Page3
The SST Shuttle Concept - Page4
Centuri Fleet Picture from the 1981 Catalog
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