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Welcome to Dr. Allen Burton's Ecotoxicology Research Lab Website.

The over-arching goal of our research is to better characterize and diagnose which stressors are ecologically significant and dominating aquatic impairments where multiple stressors exist. The focus is human-dominated ecosystems where land uses include urbanization, agriculture, mining and resource extraction, industrial areas and harbors. This requires strategic, interdisciplinary, weight-of-evidence based approaches that assess the aquatic communities and their varying exposures to physical and chemical stressors; such as: flow, habitat, metals, pesticides, contaminants of emerging concern (pharmaceuticals and personal care products), nutrients, temperature, dissolved oxygen, suspended and embedded solids, sediments, and stormwaters. In addition, we try to better understand the processes controlling bioavailability of metals and synthetic organic chemicals related to their accumulation in sediments, stormwaters, periphyton (biofilms), wetlands and hyporheous (groundwater-surface water transitional zones). Given the multitude of widely varying stressors that aquatic communities are exposed to in human-dominated systems, we must better understand these issues to allow for more effective and efficient restoration and ecosystem management actions (see also Burton and Johnston ET&C 2010; Burton et al ET&C 2012, Allan et al PNAS 2013, Burton ET&C 2013).

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