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related projects, the and spiders band, black forest girls, showdown at the equator, Ann Arbor Michigan Label: Ypsilanti" Septembre Girl" is the first solo effort by talented Michigan songstress Kelly Jean Caldwell. In the past year or so, Kelly has emerged in the dustier barrooms and stereo systems of the greater Detroit area, as the front woman of bands like And Spiders, Showdown At The Equator and The Black Forrest Girls, as well as lending her voice to recordings and performances by Saturday Looks Good To Me. Regardless of the band or musical mode, Kelly's voice always stands out. On her own, and in her own songs, Caldwell finds the perfect frame for her scrapbook stories and wistful melancholy. The ten songs that make up "Septembre Girl" rush almost drunkenly through shaking urgency and gentle isolated beauty. Recorded and produced by Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me, Flashpapr, His Name Is Alive, etc) in the summer of 2002, the majority of the record is Kelly's voice and acoustic guitar, only occasionally augmented with harmony vocals, weird ghostly electric guitar or other nearly invisible elements. It's hard to divert your attention from the voice, which spins simple songs into passionate diatribes that fit each other perfectly. The best moments of contemporary artists like Palace or Edith Frost are brought to mind, but the traditional song structures and unassuming presentation reveal the inescapable influence of early folk blues and cornerstone artists like Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground, Joni Mitchell. The album is full of strong points and repeat-listening songs; especially the first-take fragility of "Baby" or the barn-burning Etta-James-backed-by-Brain-Jones'-Rolling-Stones album closer "My Beat Heart".