Friday August 4, 2006 -   The Smittens   The Icicles   -  Ypsilanti MI  at  TC's Speakeasy 


p a s t :

May 13, 2006 -  ArbourFest II benefit 

february 10, 2006 -  Slumber Party,   and Marie & Francis ( Betty of SLGTM, Nathan of Pas/Cal)  - The Halfass   Ann Arbor

june 23, 2005 Bettie Serveert  the   blind pig   ann arbor michigan

may  15, 2005 -  MONADE and The Zincs  at  magic stick  Detroit

april 22, 2005    Of Montreal       bear mountain picnic   - at the   blind pig   ann arbor michigan

april 21, 2005    motor city music conference   with:   all night push    the expatriates    malbec     tiny steps    small's bar in Hamtramck   

august 26 2004  - summer smash  w/t  the pizazz    fred thomas    emily powers    el boxeo   etc

july 29, 2004 -  nedelle & thom    dabenport  -  lager house - Detroit    Nedelle & Thom were fantastic!  we wish them well on the rest of their tour.  Make sure to catch them live if they are heading your way.

july 17, 2004 -   midwest product     the singles  - at the blind pig -   ann arbor

july  3, 2004 -  tim monger CD release party at frenchie's in ypsilanti

june  18, 2004 -  the fiery furnaces and the ponys  at  magic stick  Detroit -

may 28, 2004 -  CD reception Dewey House,  Ann Arbor - mike dykehouse saved us by sitting in with the high hat and tom.  We made the mistake of covering Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime,  Besides that it was a great time.

may 15,  2004  lager house detroit  tiny steps  and  a thousand times yes

April 10, 2004 @ blind pig, Ann Arbor   saturday looks good to me,   geoff farina -  the club made a live recording of this, but there is almost no treble at all for some reason. A few people have copies, I'll trade them a re-mastered version if they wish. Just sent me an email:

March 24, 2004   magic stick  Detroit: ted leo/RX  and  saturday looks good to me   The stick has the nicest sound professionals in detroit. The house mix was a bit loud tonight,  but on stage it sounded lovely, and that's what matters.  I never noticed this before,  but some of Ted Leo's stuff sounds a lot like Thin Lizzy.

 March 6, 2004,metro times blowout @ whiskey in the jar - Bars in Detroit often have a person who helps bands load in, directs traffic, keeps track of the schedule, etc. Oddly this person is never an employee of the bar, but sort of just shows up from somewhere, usually quite drunk. We call this position the Toggle. The toggle for this show was a tiny man who spoke in weird backward gibberish. He offered us use of the 'back room' , which turned out to be a supply closet.

January 23, 2004 - Blind Pig - The Elevations, Back In Spades - good feelings all around. the elevations are kind socialists.

december 20, 2003 - lager House, Detroit - Pas/Cal, Sports and Leisure - The most funnest show of the year. 20 drunks in Santa suits, middle aged folks pashing behind a shower curtain. We covered a Wings tune.

december 4 2003 - Smalls, Hamtramck - Snap!  we played very badly.  Half the band drunk,  half on asthma medication. Learn from our mistakes.  The bouncer/soundman played zapa and was very particular in his needs.

November 22, 2003 - Magic Stick, Detroit - Pas/Cal, Bisou Bisou - 

november 21, 2003 - Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI, with Living in Oblivion, Sports and Leisure

september,6 2003 - Dally in the Alley/ 3rd St. Saloon, Detroit MI  - This was a lot like bringing your instruments to a frat party at 1am, and saying “we’re the band!” The greater metro detroit area was leaving the Dally and passing through the club to use the restrooms or because they failed to bring their own cooler of beer as us survivalists had. In addition, there were strippers. The “Rockabilly Burlesque.” Ben and his keyboard were traumatized.  Thanks to grace, nathan, pam, kevin, neil, and the guy who held the door.

august 21, 2003 - Woodward Ave. Brewers,  with Anomoanon and Sinropas  - I always feel uncomfortable playing somewhere with nice glassware. The Anomoanon was a treat though, and quite personable. Thanks to audrey, paul, mike d, matt, adam 

june 10, 2003 - Free Pop Festival, Ann Arbor Mi. -  So many nicely dressed people came out for this,  and on a Tuesday no less!  I hope the free show movement catches on,  most people don't realize that the cover they pay flows immediately into the darker veins of our economy: booking agent's drug habit, gasoline, taco bell, T-shirt printers. Let's never exchange money for music! . . .  Yes, I'm hopeless. . .   Sports & Leisure played one of the slickest first concerts I've ever heard, The Avatars rocked.  Thanks to mariah, J. berry, dirty Harry, dirty tony (antony) 

march 7,2003 - Metro Times Blowout @ NEW DODGE, with Pas/Cal , Scott Allen & The Breakdance  - The fact that Ken Burns has not yet made a film about the Hamtramck bar scene is a cruel oversight. The New Dodge may have once been a tannery, a grocery, a drive through car wash, and a liquor store before its present incarnation, all without significant change to the décor. You can still order a “shell’ of beer, in Polish if you are able. Fantastic place. Sound person used extreme compression. thanks to the Boyd family now as always.

Feb 2003 - Magic Stick, Detroit - Pas/Cal, Scott Allen & the Breakdance - 

..........  shows i cant remember ..................

August,  2002 – N. Main St. Ann Arbor Michigan – Many first and lasts marked this show.  It was the final And Spiders concert, which was creepily beautiful in case you were not one of the ones who saw them during their brief togetherness.  It was also the first SATE show,  the first time we stayed out (that week) till sunrise,  and the last great party of the summer.     







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