SCUBA Diving - Cozumel, Mexico

Tormentos Reef

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Tormentos is a long reef made up of 10 foot tall coral formations and plenty of sealife. The coral fans are large and prevalent. These along with other formations gave me the impression of intricate hanging gardens. The reef is listed in dive guides at depths of 50 to 70 feet. I hit a max depth of 60 feet and didn't see anything which merited decending further. There are many crevices in the sand, several swim-through holes, and a couple couple of tunnels in the coral.

Alt text This fish's long fins make it appear larger to predators

Specatular marine animals make a great comlpliment to the incredible coral. I saw some really big groupers and at least five large eels when I dove here. My brother saw a nurse shark on our dive but I missed it! This is supposedly one of the best spots on the island for nurse shark viewing. There are also large schools of grunts and sargent majors along with plentiful lobsters.

This moray and shrimp share a symbiotic relationship Alt text

Due to the fact it is reasonably far off-shore, Tornados can only be reached by boat. This allows for a liesurely drift dive and provides a guide who knows where and how to find nurse sharks and other interesting sea creatures. The reef is large enough that you will certainly burn a full tank before you run out of reef. The current here is very strong so make sure to stay with your group and be warned that ducking behind a coral head means your buddy will still be moving down the reef at a couple knots (without you).

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The scorpionfish is definitely an animal to keep an eye out for when diving in Cozumel. They look exactly like coral covered rocks and have poisionous spines - not a good combination. Beware!


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