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Sand Dollar Sports

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I dove with Sand Dollar for my entire stay. They are are located at the north end of the Isla Club Cozumel beach. They provide lightly used, modern equipment for divers who don't have their own. The shop is extemely flexible and is more than happy to take requests on where to dive and make special arrangements to dive any location. They employ a number of divemasters each with a particuar style. Some encourage their groups to explore on their own and are merely there to ensure safety. Others are more active and search for marinelife to show their charges. We dove frequently with Pedro who was very nice, concerned with everyone's safety, and amazingly adept at noticing things which everyone else missed. Sand Dollar is located near the majority of the best sites cutting down on the legnth of the boat trips. They almost exclusively use fast boats. Fast boats get you to the site quickly and return divers to the pier equally rapidly after the dive. They are preferable, in my opinion, to the slower and larger boats except when it is particularly rough or you plan to spend your surface interval on the boat. When I visited Cozumel Sand Dollar had dives leaving the pier every hour from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are also affiliated with Nitrox Solutions, the island's only Nitrox fill station.

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Sand Dollar Sports
phone: 52-987-21303 or 52-987-20793 (country code 011 in U.S)
fax: 52 - 987 - 25666 (country code 011 in U.S)

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