Ryan Adams - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

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Dead Leaves and the burning ground
When you I'm not around
30 letters in a mailbox when you know that you hear the sound
Know that you hear the sound
If you could a piano fall you could hear me coming down the hall
Meg White you do me alright
You do me anyway I want
Do me anyway I want
Yeah, Detroit they got some bands and they'll blow you're fuckin' mind
Volebeats, the White Stripes, maybe the Von Bondies or the Goldtime
Went down and met my friends said "Shit, I better stick around"
Poor Jack White he can't get no sleep since Mr. Ryan he come around
Since Mr. Ryan he come around
Mr. Jack you gonna get it back but you gonna have to wait your turn
Taking on everything you got and everything you wanna learn
Gonna take it all with me
Cause I'm feelin' like a cat
Don't got no alley, got a limousine, with money
How you like that Mr. Jack
Yeah, How do you like that

Performed by Ryan Adams


performed 12.7.01 / 1.22.02