Red Head

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beyond the meadow
past the orchard
there's a pine tree
high atop the hill
two young lovers
always perched there
this is the story of the [?] jack and jill
she was born with
custom sad eyes
one is blue [?] and wild
beneath this pine tree
upon that hill top
he would read her
all those [moonlit?] nights
he would walk out of sight
and he'd promise her she was his only love
but someday soon
some night
he'd ask of her
to be his wife
but for now they'd have to wait til he was [?]
he'd done his share of
running round and
he found it almost time to settle down
he had been with
lots of ladies
the small and big boned hair like [?] brown
but he never
had a red head
and he heard about the way they were
wander lust had
almost left him
all he needed was a red headed girl
she was faithful
while she waited
he was not as he saw his red head prey
she had grown a
bit suspicious
and to him these [word?]
which he'd say
I am mine
yes I'm yours
all the time
but of course
but then why won't you commit your love to me
give me time
I have tried
okay fine
this will never [?] happily
at the altar
in her sad eyes
he saw all the pain she had endured
but then he realized how much he loved her
then his wander lust was finally cured
as the car sped
from the chapel
they were struck
head on by a drunken car
he was alright
she sent sailing
through the windshield
up toward the stars
oh he cried
to his bride
please don't die
but then she tried
to ask him to marry her beneath the tree
for his lie
he got his prize
[?] skies
this was not the way it was supposed to be
as the blood flowed
from her head wound
right down
into her golden curl
then it struck him
his wish was granted
he finally had a red headed girl
next day buried
and her red head bones
to haunt him every [night?]

Performed by 2 Star Tabernacle
featuring Jack White