Ramblin' Man

Lyrics Information
I could settle down
and be doing just fine
til I hear an old train
coming down the line
then I [herded straight?]
home and pack
and if I didn't go
I believe I'd blow my stack

but I love you baby
but you got to understand
that when the lord made me
he made a ramblin', ramblin' man, baby

look here
some folks might say
they might say I ain't no good
and that I wouldn't settle down
even if I could
I could
but when that
when that open road gets to callin' me
I gotta see
I gotta see
I gotta go
I'm a ramblin' man
I'm a ramblin' man
ramblin' man

let me travel this land
from the mountains to the sea
cause that's the life
I believe
god meant for me
and when I'm goin'
I'm goin'
and on my grave you stand
say good god almighty
here lies a ramblin'
a ramblin', ramblin' man

Performed by 2 Star Tabernacle
Written by Hank Williams Sr.
featuring Jack White on Piano, Dobro, and backing vocals
D. Buell Miller on guitar and vocals
T. Racee Mae Miller on bass and backing vocals
Damian Lang on drums.
Produced by Dan Kroha and 2 Star Tabernacle.

  • 2 Star Tabernacle - Ramblin' Man 7"
  • Making Singles and Drinking Doubles (Bloodshot Records Compilation)


Jack White was also responsible for the cover photo.