"Move Over Children..."

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Move over children,
LetWe can talk to the animals.
We can breathe with our brothers.
We can hope for the best.
We can challenge the mind.
We can open up and rush forward blood vessels upon the ground.
We can deliver fresh food to someone who cannot get it themselves.
So why do I worry so violet? Why do I need more from you and more from life?
Why is it that I donCannot we break that rule? Cannot we break the tradition of mind?
Satisfaction is death. Satisfaction is death. Satisfaction is death.
It is the pursuit of happiness that brings us happiness, and not the happiness achieved.
I thought about this yesterday too.
So violet, will you then ever be satisfied with me?
You need to constantly pursue me.
You need to chase after something in me,
You can never be satisfied with me,
I hope you cannot.
I hope you cannot.
Let's pursue this further.

Written by Jack White



text was posted on the White Stripes Official Site