Johnny's Death Letter

Lyrics Information


Performed by The Soledad Brothers
Featuring Jack White
Recorded by Jack White


  • The Soledad Brothers - Sugar and Spice 7"

Johnny Walker:

    "I was playing at a lounge in Detroit when Jack struck up a conversation about slide guitar. He was really pumping me for information. I could see that he was really enthusiastic about playing blues, and he had good taste. For many years after we would talk smack and play guitar on his front porch. We recorded a lot of good stuff on his front porch. Jack White is worth his weight in brilliance. He played snow shovel on the Italy single. He had to stand 20 feet from the mic, on the sidewalk, because the shovel was so loud. You are still able to hear his hollerin, 'In My Time of Dying' on the record. We also recorded a version of 'Little Red Rooster' on his porch complete with distant Southwest Detroit gunfire. Very tasteful."