It Can't Be Love, Because There Is No True Love

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Performed by The White Stripes
Written by ??


  • White Blood Cells

Jack White:

    "There's a song in the movie, called [It Can't Be Love, Because There Is No True Love], that plays at this party they have in the Everglades during the film. I could never find what this song was about, if it was a '40s song, some jazz standard--I could never find it. I was trying to play it on guitar, and I said a line from the movie while I was playing the chords. And it was like, 'I wonder if I can rhyme that with something else from the movie?' I had a lot of the lines memorized already, and then I went through the film and started writing down things that might rhyme together, that might make sense together."

performed as part of the song [The Union Forever]

From the film 'Citizen Kane'