"Interest In The Death Of Things..."

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interest in the death of things
and the ideas in mind it brings
perform tricks in hand, and finger
left alone can only hone
the love of the art left to linger
true aim, and posterity
with the history of a family involved,
make one think of his
future, his work, and his
loved one to hold
tempting as it may be to forget
and destroy
all of the crafts, trades, and arts
that have brought us this far
it is just as tempting to uphold
and adore, and create with
history at our side
tools in hand, on wood, under car
attention to detail
love of the past
and positive outlooks
for tommorrow
are what should be embraced,
and shown,
in our words
in our hands
forward in love
in life,
in death,
and in sorrow

Written by Jack White



text was posted on the White Stripes Official Site