"I Have A Skunk..."

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i have a skunk, and a kudu.
i rode a bike around the neighborhood today.
i saw beck and the flaming lips last night.
i'm very tired.
i'm very happy.
i get confused and pathetic.
i'm a big fan of os mutantes.
i have a rubber ashtray now.
i've never owned a megaphone.
i belong to the ambivalent generation.
i want to belong to the beat generation.
i eat when necessary.
i love children and the thoughts they have.
i miss my love.
i'm a possessor of airplane tickets.
i'm a loser of check books.
i own a 1960 thunderbird sometimes.
i haven't upholstered furniture in a couple of years now.
i want some action.
i want a good friend like you do.
i want more.

Written by Jack White



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