I Can Learn

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I wish we
were stuck up a tree
then we'd know
it's nicer below

I don't know any lullabys
I don't know how to make you mine
but I can learn
in lonely days long ago
I saw lovers put on a show
well now it's my turn

drive you home
and then wait by the phone
for that call
for a walk in the fall

no harm will come of this
one little midnight kiss
it will not burn
for many lonely days
I feel like a throw away
well now it's my turn

falling down
is no longer around
feeling sun
I'm no longer one
well isn't this fun?

Performed by The White Stripes
Written by The White Stripes
(Peppermint Stripe Music, BMI)
BMI # 5807813


  • White Blood Cells

Jack White:

    "'I Can Learn,' [was] written before we did our first album...sometimes there's songs that get put aside until it feels right to do them."