Hello Operator

Lyrics Information

hello operator
can you give me number nine?
can I see you later?
will you give me back my dime?
turn the oscillator
twist it with the dollar bill
mail man bring the paper
leave it on my window sill

find a canary
a bird to bring my message home
carry my obituary
my coffin doesn't have a phone
how you gonna get the money?
send papers to an empty home?
how you gonna get the money?
nobody to answer the phone

Performed by The White Stripes
Written by The White Stripes
(Peppermint Stripe Music, BMI)
BMI # 5807777


  • Hello Operator 7"
  • De Stijl

Jack White:

    "That's the kind of thing I care about, like [Hello Operator] from our second album--that's a phone company finger-pointing song. I hate the rip-off company. I know everyone has to have a job, everyone has to work and get a paycheck to keep everything going, but it's pathetic that the better mouse trap doesn't win out."

Jack appears on vocals and guitars
Meg appears on drums
John Szymanski appears on harmonica