Heart Full Of Soul

Lyrics Information


Performed by Jeff Beck, Meg White, Jack White and Jack Lawrence
Originally a Yardbirds song

9.13.02 / 9.14.02


Jack White:

    "We did the whole Yardbirds part of the show with him. Can you imagine? It was unbelievable. It was the most fantastic thing I have done. I really love that he is still that guy who just doesn't care about anything, who wants only to play guitar and nothing else. We would take cues from him and I stood and watched when he first plugged in his guitar. He played a chord and slashed his way with several overtones, and it was so awesome- no effects pedal, just from the fingers, straight through the amplifier- that effortless. I cannot quite grasp how it was done - I am a guitarist, but I don't get it."