"Faye Dunaway..."

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faye dunaway, your cheekbones
i can't help myself or runaway
in my meek bones, my flickering stare
catches them unaware
as bonnie sucking down coke bottles
or having a sasafras flip
i'm visibly connected to it
coming out of this ragamuffin trip
she's my daughter she's my sister
we rob banks
don't mess with me anymore
don't confuse me
i'm upset with your cheekbones
my hands on the horn
my feet on the pedal
i don't want to bother you
i'm totally on the level
what can i say? you've always been this way
you are stuck in my fingers
cut glass
shake down these losers
break my neck
what do you have in your pocket?
i'll pick up the check faye,
for you tomorrow

Written by Jack White



text was posted on the White Stripes Official Site