"Everywhere I Go"

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no matter where I seem to go
I'm always there
when I wake up in the morning
sittin' in my favorite chair
doesn't seem to matter exactly
where I am
son of God is there and the on of man
my mother once told me
said, "jack,
don't listen to what anybody else tells you
you're good at that"
I said, "mom that's real easy for you to say that
sittin' in a wheelchair
but, no matter where I go
looks like I'm always there"
and my father came up
and told her
pat me on the back
he said, "those people talking to you
don't listen to 'em jack"
I said, "that's real easy dad for you to say
lyin' under the bed"
no matter where I go
I might as well be dead
drivin' down and walkin' down
and flyin' down and whatever you want to say
I seem to do this kind of thing
and I'll wake up every single day
it doesn't matter [?] happens
or whether I'm in the air
everywhere I go
I'm always there

Performed by The White Stripes
Written by ??


performed various 2003