"Every Highway That I Go Down..."

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every highway that I go down
seems to be longer than the last one
that I know about, oh well
every girl that I walk around
seems to be more of a problem
than the last one, oh well
everytime I sit underneath a tree
I can think of things that were done to me
and everytime that I speak God's name
He says to me
"Little Jackie always do the same things"
well, twenty times I said to this myself
I said "where are you going today?"
and then I had no answer left
each beautiful thing that I can come across
tells me that this thing [?]
everytime I sit underneath a tree
somethings comes to me
I say to God, I call his name
I said, "what's the problem?"
and He says to me "Jack, there's nothing left for me to tell you,
there's no answers left"
things just seemed a lot simpler
when the only thing on my mind was a push-up
coca-cola and faygo cream soda
only the things I ever cared about at one time or another
that's all gone
now my mind is filled with rubber tires
and forest fires
and people left for hire
and lot's of other problems that my mind can't comprehend
I threw it out
and everytime I think [?] come back again

Performed by The White Stripes
Written by ??


  • 7.02.2003