White Stripes Xchange - The Direct Connect Hub

THE HUB IS DOWN - please don't contact me!

What is it? - It's an online method of trading shows, specifically for the White Stripes using the SHN format.

Where can I get software - I highly recommend getting DC++ from http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/. Visit etree.org for SHN software.

How do I set it up? - visit DC++'s support for assistance.

Now what? - after selecting your username, think of a password you would want for the hub. The hub is a private hub, by invite only, so you need a password. Anything without spaces and not too long will do. At this point, email the password and your username to brt@umich.edu. I will then add you to the hub and reply with the address to join. The place you want to enter all this info into is 'favorite hubs' - click on it and add a new hub, with your username, password and the ip that i'll give you.

Rules? - there are a few rules. Follow these rules and your days in the hub will be ban-free.

  1. This is a private xchange, open only to invite.
  2. No sharing passwords or usernames.
  3. There is a minimum of one show for sharing to be in this hub. (newbies - join, get a show, then share - don't worry about the 1 show minimum until you get one)
  4. Don't Leech, Share! So, download something, and SHARE it!
  5. No sharing of official White Stripes albums.
  6. No mp3's. Don't convert shows to mp3! Don't convert mp3's to shn's! Shn's are recommended, flac's cool too (Mp3's have polluted the white stripes trading community and we want to try and get away from mp3 sourced shows.) The exception to this rule is this: some white stripes items are only available in mp3 format. These are okay, but to share them, you must get them approved by an operator first. After approval, they must be placed into a zip file, and must be clearly labeled outside the zip file what it is.
  7. Complete shows/files only!
  8. Please don't share your incoming folder.
  9. Share a show/file until it's completely downloaded at least once. (Don't tease us and allow only partial downloads.)
  10. You must provide information about the show, setlists, source, format, etc. in a text file.
  11. Share an md5 file with your shns. If a file has an md5 please share that as well. Most new video releases have been sourced with an md5 - this helps to verify the file's completeness - so please share them (along with original text info files)
  12. Please don't rename files as it affects 'search for alternates' changing the names of your folders is okay though.
  13. If you are going to seed a show that hasn't been seeded please use this convention: whitestripes2002-12-31t01.shn as described here http://wiki.etree.org/index.php?page=NamingStandards (a list of seeded shows will come out eventually, but for now just ask the hub if a show hasn't been seeded) If you seed a show, please include your name/username in the text file so we can identify the show from other releases of that show.
  14. No warez, No porn, I'm cool with other video, but be aware that if you share a movie, please be kind enough to stick around and share it completely.
  15. Break a rule, you're kicked. Break it twice, you'll have to beg to get back in. Break it three times, IP ban!

It's really as simple as that.