Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit

  • Black Girl - The Paybacks
  • Payback Blues - The Paybacks
  • Dirtbomb Blues - The Dirtbombs
  • I'm Through With White Girls - The Dirtbombs
  • Accusatory - The Hentchmen
  • Black And Blue - Ko & The Knockouts
  • Come On Blues - The Come Ons
  • Sunday Drive - The Come Ons
  • Soledad Blues - The Soledad Brothers
  • Shaky Puddin' - The Soledad Brothers
  • Sound Of Terror - The Von Bondies
  • High Class - The Buzzards
  • Shout Bama Lama - The Detroit Cobras
  • Banty Rooster Blues - Bantam Rooster
  • Run Rabbit Run - Bantam Rooster
  • Whiskey 'n Women - The Clone Defects
  • Decal On My Sticker - Whirlwind Heat
  • Red Death At 6:14 - The White Stripes
  • Buzzard Blues - The Buzzards

Format: CD
First Release Date: 05.11.2001

US 7inch

  • Sympathy For The Record Industry (SFTRI 623) 5.11.2001

Recorded at Third Man Studios SW Detroit 2000
Produced and Recorded by Jack White
Mixed at Ghetto Recorders by Jack White and Jim Diamond
All songs recorded to 8 track reel to reel

"Red Death At 6:14" written by Jack White
Meg White: Drums, Backing Vocals
Jack White: Vocals, Guitar

The Detroit Cobras - "Shout Bama Lama" written by O. Redding
Rachael Nagy: Vocals
Damian Lang: Drums
Maribel Restrepo: Guitar
Dante White: Guitar
Rob Smith: Bass
Jack White: Piano

The Soledad Brothers - "Shaky Puddin'" written by The Soledad Brothers
Ben Smith: Drums
Johnny Walker: Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Ben Smith and Jack White: Backing Vocals