Coffee and Cigarettes

    (11 short films including:)
  • Opening Titles/Strange to Meet You (Roberto Benigni & Steven Wright) [6:48]
  • Twins (Joie Lee, Cinqui Lee & Steve Buscemi) [6:19]
  • Somewhere in California (Iggy Pop & Tom Waits) [11:09]
  • Those Things'll Kill Ya (Joe Rigano, Vinny Vella & Vinny Vella Jr.) [4:30]
  • Renie (Renie French & E.J. Rodriguez) [4:54]
  • No Problem (Alex Descas & Isaach De Bankoli) [8:21]
  • Cousins (Cate Blanchett) [11:28]
  • Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil (Meg White & Jack White) [7:30]
  • Cousins? (Alfred Molina & Steve Coogan) [17:20]
  • Delirium (Gza, Rza & Bill Murray) [8:00]
  • Champagne (Bill Rice & Taylor Mead) [6:14]
  • End Credits [3:49]

Format: DVD
First Release Date: Theatre - May 15, 2004


  • MGM September 19, 2004



    "Jack (Jack White) has built a Tesla Coil according to the original design, and he has brought it to a bar in a wagon to demonstrate it to Meg (Meg White). Jack says that Nikola Tesla changed the world with countless inventions, including fluorescent light, and perceived the Earth as a conductor of acoustical resonance. Jack starts up the Coil, which gives off an impressive lightning-like display, startling The Kitchen Guy (Cinque Lee), until something goes haywire with the device."

Jack White:

    "We've always respected Jim so much, we didn't know how much we wanted to come up with our own dialogue. Some of it was, but Jim wrote most of it, based on a conversation we had about Tesla. It was when we met him at his office. He had a book about Tesla sitting on his shelf. I asked if he liked Tesla, he said yeah. ...But we were going to do a video for 'There's No Home For You Here' with him, based on Tesla and Edison. I was gonna play Tesla, and maybe get Philip Seymour Hoffman to play Edison. Edison, in real life, electrocuted an elephant to try and show that Tesla's alternating current theories were dangerous - which they weren't. It's the alternating current that we use today. But Edison electrocuted an elephant to prove it, and there's footage of that, you can see that footage. We were gonna re-enact that, and pretend to electrocute an elephant, and Meg was gonna be dragged away for the elephant. I was gonna play Tesla, and in response to him killing an elephant, we were gonna have him write AC on the elephant in red paint. I was gonna have this big death ray that I'd invented, and have a big fight in the laboratory and kill Edison and turn his head into a light bulb with this invention, and paint DC on his body. ...Jim came back and said, Jack, it's gonna cost about half a million dollars! And they couldn't get the budget down, so C&C was the thing we did afterwards, that's what our Tesla thing became."