About Expecting

This site is a collaboration between White Stripes fans 'Army of One' and 'BAMF.' Their former sites 'The White Stripes Bootography' and 'Jumble Jumble' have merged into one site with one goal in mind - provide as much information as humanly possible regarding songs and setlists. If you have an idea for 'Expecting', let us know. We began with lyrics and setlists, then added in a traders section to keep track of contacts of the white stripes traders. Most recently we've added a complete visual discography with release notes. Hopefully we'll have every section crosslinked to make your surfing experience more efficient. Currently we plan to add in a section for "White Stripes History / Recording Sessions". After that, possibly add in reviews for concerts and transcribed articles. Enjoy!
Credits and Contact:
  • 'Army of One' - email: wsliveguide@hotmail.com
    formerly responsible for the setlist section.
  • 'BAMF' - email: brt@umich.edu
    currently responsible for everything you see here - setlists, lyrics, discography, trading sections.
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