Children's Russian Club of Ann Arbor

Children's Russian Club exists since September 1997. Members of the Club are families with children. Since then we have been meeting every Saturday (with some breaks for vacations) to rehearse dances and plays. Our performances take place twice a year in December and May. Our dance groups participated in different International Festivals at the Washtenaw Community College, Eastern Michigan University, and local schools, and at the city Festivals "Ann Arbor and the Rest of the World".

Main Events:
December 13, 1997 K.Chukovskij Mukha-Tsokotukha May 28, 2005 A.Chekhov A Vaudeville Story
May 22, 1998 Puppet Show Buratino (Pinocchio) December 17, 2005 G.Gorin The very same Munchausen
December 5, 1998 A Fantasy about Knights and Dragons May 13, 2006 B.Shaw Pygmalion
May 7, 1999 I.Krylov Fables December 16, 2006 C.Goldoni The Servant of Two Masters
December 4, 1999 A.S.Pushkin The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda ; The Three Little Pigs May 5, 2007 N.V.Gogol Dead Souls
January 15, 2000 S.Marshak The Twelve Months December 15, 2007 A.S.Pushkin Boris Godunov
Miscellaneous Dances and etc. May 31, 2008 M.Bulgakov Monsieur Jourdain
May 13, 2000 A.Fomovskaia To Nowhere and Back December 13, 2008 W. Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing
December 9, 2000 K.Chukovskij Mukha-Tsokotukha; Dances; The movie May 23, 2009 G.Gorin Tevye the Milkman
May 12, 2001 A.Tolstoj Buratino (Pinocchio) December 23, 2009 N.V.Gogol The Inspector General
December 8, 2001 A.S.Pushkin The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights May 22, 2010 W. Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet
May 8, June 16, 2002 G.Oster Stories; M.Bulgakov Ivan Vasilievich December 10, 2010 Russian Vaudeville
December 14, 2002 A.Miln Christopher Robin and His Friends; N.V.Gogol The Inspector General May 21, 2011 A.S. Pushkin Little Tragedies
May 17, 2003 I.Krylov Fables; M.Bulgakov Monsieur Jourdain December 17, 2011 Edmond Rostand L'Aiglon (The Eaglet)
December 13, 2003 A.S.Pushkin The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish; A.Gladkov Gussar Ballad May 12, 2012 A.P.Chekhov Jokes
May 1, 2004 K.Chukovskii Doctor Ajbolit; N.V.Gogol Marriage December 15, 2012 Mihail Sebastian The Star With No Name
December 11, 2004 W.Shakespeare Hamlet May 11, 2013 Robert Thomas A New Clue (The story of a Crime)
December 21, 2013 Grigori Gorin Forget Gerostratus!
May 24, 2014 A.S.Pushkin Eugene Onegin

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