This page is still under very heavy construction!
I'm doing my best to get these links up and working. I've been struggling with frames (made them from scratch, would rather by more anime and Lum-things then pay for a decent web building program ^^) but things are starting to come together. You can get a decent idea on how the layout will look so far. Some links will actually produce a page, but try them on your own. Most are broken thus far as I'm rearranging directories and such. A bit of news, I just completed my collection of Urusei Yatsura Shonen Sunday Graphic Magazines. These are better than gold to a UY Fan! There are 15 magazines total, and it covers the entire series with screen shots from the anime (some color, some black and white), cell-art in each issue, fan art, interviews, just about everything! Of course, for the die-hard Lum fan, it's packed full of all kinds of UY things to buy that 99% of us (including me) will probably never see. So, it's torture too. Then again, not sure what I'd do with a Lum pillow that has a built-speaker. Go figure.