8/10/01 NEW LUM STORY!!

Read an AUTHENTIC Urusei Yatsura story!!

Translations by: Robert Bezold & Moe Anders

Scans & Changes by: Geordie Calhoun, AKA Brenten (ICQ# 19372753)

Choose from any of the following Widebans:

NEW STORY UP! Ten's Nemesis in Wideban #6!

New Stuff: I created an EZ-Board account for the Lum project, it can be accessed at: Project Lum Translations Check it out, it's pretty neat.

8/10/01 Was sick yesterday so didn't get the links for the new story put up =/. Anyhow, it's up. Enjoy!

8/8/01 Still feeling motivated, the next story is DONE and uploaded, I just have to do the links sometime tonight. Also back to scanning widebans, 50% through Wideban 03. Still have Wideban 1-2, 4-5 to scan (we're talking 400pgs/Wideban so 2000 scans. Fear me).

8/7/01 Oops! I did it again! *dum dum* I played with the jpegs, got lost in adobe, read and re-read the translations... But hey, the FINAL chapter of the Benten/chain saga is up!

8/3/01 Whoa! You all still here? I know, my bad for dropping this. Anyhow, back to the drawing boards again! Almost through part 2 of the Benten/Chain story, it could be up by this weekend! Many thanks for those who've sent emails about this project, it's that kinda of support that helps motivate me to work more! IE: Nag me! =)

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