Thurston Nature Center

Thurston Nature Center is located adjacent to Thurston Elementary School and Clague Middle School, in the northeast corner of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Nature Center was dedicated as a Conservation Education Reserve by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in 1968, and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1993. School classes use the nature center as part of Ann Arbor Public Schools' Environmental Education Program, and the area is enjoyed by many people in the community.

The 23.96-acre nature area has an 8.4-acre shallow pond, an oak-hickory woodlot, a vernal pond, a small area planted with prairie species, and other areas with grass or trees and shrubs and flowers. Common birds around the pond include great blue herons, egrets, mallards, and Canada geese. The pond is home to many painted turtles, a few large snapping turtles, and muskrats. Racoons and skunks are seen in the area. The fish community contains few predators; small bluegills, black bullheads, carp and goldfish are present, along with a few other fish species.

Thurston Nature Center is managed by the Thurston Nature Center Committee, a sub-committee of the Parent-Teacher Organization at Thurston Elementary School. A Land Use Policy Statement has been completed.

Current Activities: 1996-97 School Year

Previous Activities:

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